Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Charlatan's Boy Book Review

The book is more geared for young teens and would be enjoyed by boys and girls alike.

The story is about a boy on his quest for truth.  He travels around with a man who is not his father, putting on various shows in villages trying to make a living. They basically do whatever it takes to con people out of their money to earn a living. They boy is proud when he succeeds but one could say that he really does not know any other way of life.

I ended up really liking the main character and was rooting for him to have a good ending. There were parts that I was bored at but the last few chapters were very interesting and made up for that.

It was hard to get past the fact that the premise of the book was wrapped around lies and cons, I do not think I would like my children reading this book. I think the author could have added some moments of clarity for the boy.  I also want to mention that the grammar is purposefully incorrect, in order to help better allow the reader to understand the time and place of the story.

This book is a fun, easy read, but it was just not for my tastes.