Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Job Search Continues

I have been waiting to write this post because talking or writing about this just makes me so upset and I am still very anxious when I think about it. 

If you missed my last post about my job search you can go here to read it. 

Tuesday I got a call from Company A and I did not get the job. I really did not have high hopes since I had not been called yet for a second interview. The HR person seemed a little annoyed and said that the company hired someone who was refereed by another employee. It made me feel a little better to know that it was not me. I am sure she was frustrated because she reached out to me for the job and it must be annoying knowing you do your job and they ignore your choices. 

So knowing I did not get the job at Company A did not upset me too much because I had very high hopes for Company B and was anxiously waiting to be contacted by the recruiter. I e-mailed her Wednesday and was told that she had reached out to the CEO but had not heard back. Thursday I heard that the recruiter had spoken to the CEO and that they should have a decision by Friday afternoon. Now I am worried because I am wondering why it is taking so long to make a decision. Friday afternoon comes and goes and now I am in panic mode. This can not be good, if they have not contacted me then that means I did not get the job. 

I e-mailed the recruiter again at 5:30. Seven o'clock rolls around and I get this e-mail

An offer was made to another candidate this afternoon, and it was just accepted this evening. I greatly appreciate the interest and time that you spent interviewing with (Company B). It was a pleasure working with you. Please let me know if I can ever assist you in the future.
Then I cried and cried wondering what the heck is wrong with me? I have a MBA that I just got, I am currently going to school for a degree in Web Design, I have over 6 years admin experience and am Advanced in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Why can I not get another admin job? What sucks is this one was an Executive Admin with work in marketing with a small company that is ready to grow. There was also the chance to work from home or in coffee shops or in the office. Also the chance for events in the evening and trade shows in DC. Something I really could have gotten behind and helped them grow. I am angry, sad, upset and worried all in one. Money is very tight and I am not sure how I am going to pay my rent this month let alone next month.

I asked the recruiter if they indicated why they did not choose me and this is my answer:
I know that it was a difficult decision for them. I will certainly keep you in mind for  other opportunities.
Which tells me nothing, thank you.

On the bright side my husband is waiting to hear back from an opportunity at Taco Bell to be an assistant manager at the store across the street. The Manager seemed really excited to hire him, but we are waiting on the background check. This is where we always have trouble for two reasons; My husband has the same name as his father and sometimes their records cross and we used to live in NH which has a back log of background checks and since it is not electronic it takes forever. My husband has already lost job opportunities because companies cannot wait so long.

Hopefully things start to look up because I really do not want to lose my apartment, especially when I have no where to go and Big J starts school on the 18th.

Anyone know of any jobs in Charlotte, NC? Admin, Clerical? Or work from home opps??

Catching up with Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood

Guest post written by Meg Walters

I was a little worried about the new season of Torchwood, especially since it's been a while since it was on the air and that Starz was doing it. But, so far I love it! It's very similar to the third season of Torchwood instead of the standard supernatural mystery investigation show, a la an alien CSI. Of course, they couldn't do it without Captain Jack Harkness. I don't think they could have legally done it without him!

I liked Jack Harkness ever since I first saw him guest star on Doctor Who. So you can imagine just how excited I was to find out that he was getting his own spinoff with Torchwood! As soon as they announced the new show, I was looking for spoilers for it. One night when I was doing that, I saw the website and after I read through it some I decided to change over my internet service to it.

But one thing I am wondering about Jack Harkness is what he's been doing with his life since the third season ended. They're trying to be vague about that, but I'm sure it will be revealed pretty soon.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

101 Offline Activities Book Review

101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child

Here’s a brief time out that EVERYONE in your family will enjoy: disconnect from the Net, put away your digital toys, and get ready for some good old-fashioned fun.  Even 20 minutes a day can be rejuvenating for you and a great way to connect with your children. In 101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child, you’ll find activities that tap the most advanced computer of all time—the one between the ears.  Best of all, you can do most of the activities with little or no preparation!

Steve and Ruth Bennett are the authors of the million copy-selling activity books, 365 TV-Free Activities You Can Do With Your Child and 365 Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Child, as well as numerous other activity books. The Bennetts have written widely on families and quality time. Steve is the founder of AuthorBytes, a company that creates Websites and digital collateral for authors; Ruth is a landscape architect who specializes in public parks, university quadrangles, and children’s play spaces.They have two young-adult children and live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This book could not have come at a better time since I am home with my children all the time right now. (I lost my job in February) My husband and I also end up entertaining 2-5 other neighborhood children each day who come to play with Big J. Two of which are known for being bored all the time. 

The great thing about these activities is that some only require your time, or the time of bored children of course. The ones that do require items typically need items that you would find around your house such as paper plates, pens and a muffin tin. The activities are designed to do at home, on the go or even while waiting in line while running errands. 

Each activity has:

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • List of required Items
  • Category 
    • In the kitchen
    • At home
    • Anytime, Anyplace
    • Out and About
    • On the Road

Two of our favorites are:
      *Gimme Shelter - Big J and friends are currently into building tents and forts so this is a great one for them. Using couch cushions, pillows, blankets, chairs and props children create their own cabin and even a pretend campfire out of blocks and paper. 
      * Fresh off the Press - Using a store circular I can keep Big J occupied "matching" the items in the flyer to ones in the store while getting my shopping done. 

One we are looking forward to trying soon:
      * Travel board games which uses the Make Before you go Card Board Game - Using simple household items (cardboard, glue, scissors) create a portable board game which can be used to play highway bingo, concentration and lotto. 

This is a great book for anyone who has to entertain children, especially if you always hear "We are bored."

To purchase
Book can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes and Noble for $19.95 (at time of post)
Autographed copies are also available for $25.00 through the offline activities website. (Click on Buy the Book) 

“This post was written for Family Review Network and who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are mine."

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waiting for Peace & Quiet

I hate waiting, it makes it even worse when you are waiting for news that you really need.  I have been out of work since the end of February after being laid off after 3 1/2 years and have been staying home with my two girls and my husband. Yes we are all in the house 24/7. Well you know except for errands and walks and interviews. Which due to lack of funds errands are low and due to the heat walks have been cut down too. Interviews come and go, some weeks I get a couple and others I hear nothing.

The week of Big J's birthday which was the 12th I actually had two. Company A is for an Office Manager job, but I still have not heard anything back about going in for a second interview. Now this does not mean much around here because sometimes it takes forever! Company B which is for an Executive Assistant/Marketing/ and more position,  I interviewed with three people on a Friday, then had a phone interview with a fourth person on Wednesday and then a third interview with another partner on Monday. (If you understood that it was this Monday) So now I am waiting and waiting to see if I am actually going to be offered the position. I am thinking that three interviews was a good thing but I am not sure if I was the only person who was being interview that much of not. The recruiter said she has not heard back yet but I am really hoping to hear something tomorrow.

By something of course I mean a job offer because things are getting pretty desperate around here and I really do not want to have to move out of our apartment. Where would we go? I have not idea, likely a long term stay hotel until one of us lands a job and we can get back into an apartment. Not a happy thought with a 5 year old about to start kindergarten, a 17 month old who still gets up anywhere from 1-3 times a night and 2 kittens. I am trying to stay positive in thinking that one of these two positions will work out in the end. God does have a plan, I just wish he would let me in on it every now and then.

It will be nice to get back to work because I may actually get some peace and quiet. I am really looking forward to peeing in peace, that does not happen very often in a house with kids! Even when I close the door my 5 year old thinks it is ok to just open it. Which is so not ok when her friends are here. Speaking of her friends, they are here all the time!! There are 2 boys that live downstairs that I believe are 6 and 8. Then there are 2 other children that live on the 1st floor, 1 girl who is 7 and 1 boy who is 5. The boy and girl are pretty much here everyday, although sometimes we are lucky and Big J goes down to see them instead. Usually she goes down and then about 10-20 minutes later they are back upstairs because we have the cooler toys. The two boys come up every now and then (I think they visit their dad a lot) but they like to play our video games. There is also another boy who is 8 or 9 that lives a few apartment buildings over that comes over just to play our video games. It is funny because he asks for Big J and if she is downstairs then he asks if my husband is home.

It will be hard to leave my family, especially Little J who I think will have a very hard time when I leave. She is very attached to me, but I have noticed that the last week or so she is getting better if I leave or take a nap. It used to be that if I slept in the morning and my husband got up with the girls, Little J would be banging on my door most of the morning looking for me. Now she does not even bother me. But she is still very happy to see me when I do get up.

Ok now that I have gone on and on. I am off to read for awhile before bed.

Share with us if you are waiting for something and what it is?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photos to Make You Smile

I have just been in a down and out mood lately and thought I would share some photos to make my followers and hopefully myself smile. Nothing wrong per say, just fighting my depression and stress. On the plus side I have a third interview on Monday with a company so hopefully I will land a job very soon!!


 Little J just chilling

Little J on Daddy's computer, which now he can never use without her yelling. 

Big J decided that Bengi needed a blanket. 

   Bengi in Little J's Bumbo  

Big J's birthday present - new earrings 

Little Princess - In Big J's costume  

More Birthday Presents (Bought from  Mommy Maid It

More  from Mommy Maid It

My Bengi Boy 

My Carmi - All wrapped up in pink tulle from the Birthday Party. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting Ready for Big J's 5th Birthday Party

Big J turns 5 on the 12th!!!

We have been working on her surprise Princess party at our house. With a 5 year old we are just telling her that her party is actually 1 day later then it is, then we are arranging someone to take her out and bring her back after all her friends are here. We thought she would like that. She is also getting her first big girl bike!!!

Anyway we are going with a Princess theme so we made scroll invitations and my husband really got into it.

First I purchased some cute scroll paper at Staples and created the invitation. We individualized it with each invitees name. It was cuter and it also helped everyone to know that younger siblings were invited as well. 

We then purchased dowels and pretty pieces for the ends which my husband then spray painted gold. 

 The end of the right is the top and the one on the left is the bottom of the scroll

I then glued the dowels to the top and bottom with my new glue gun!

Finished and drying

Tie a nice bow. 

 Here is another up close picture of the ends

The finished product

So far everyone has loved the invitation and we are pretty proud of our handy work. We made 8 and it cost about $20.00 total but we still have gold spray paint, ribbon and a lot of scroll paper. I am going to make a sign because we have 1 dowel left (we actually have 2 but we broke one of the decorative ends) using the scroll paper. I am also planning on using the scroll paper to make the clues for the scavenger hunt. The prize at the end will be the pinata.

More pictures to come after the party which is the 16th.

Friday, July 8, 2011

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LIttle J's Allergies

So poor Little J has pretty bad eczema and what is now confirmed as some pretty bad allergies. After the call from the Pediatrician and a good cry and went into action and started searching for what I need to do now.

Here is the list of her allergies:

  • Very high to peanuts - This is what started it all because she had a reaction to peanut butter
  • Very high to cats - Yup very sad about this one, I mean we just got two new kittens that we rescued. Not sure what we are going to do now. To see pics go here
  • Moderate to dogs - Someday we would like one, but for now we had to intention so this is not so bad. Of course my father and step-mother have 4 so it will be hard to visit them. 
  • Mild to egg whites - This means she cannot eat straight eggs but can eat pancakes, cake, etc. 

Everything else is fine, which means no allergy to wheat, seafood or milk and no outdoor allergies. The weird part is we thought she was allergic to dogs because she broke out really bad when we visited my parents for the holidays, but does not seem all that bothered by our cats. 

I am so upset, I mean of course my daughter's health is more important then our cats but I love them and Big J is going to be crushed if we have to give them away. I am also worried because I have never had to deal with allergies before. I have eczema, but not really bad at all and I have seasonal allergies but no food allergies. My husband has not had to deal with this either. Especially Peanut allergies because I know that can be bad. 

So my question is anyone else dealing with allergies? Or does anyone have any great references for help with children and allergies?

Our New Kittens

So about 2 months ago, (maybe a little less, time seems to move weird when you are home all the time) we found a mommy cat and two adorable kittens living under our apartment building.  Since we have a soft spot about pets we caught the two kittens and took them in. (We tried to catch mom, but have not seen her since) We were supposed to keep one kitten and give the other to our neighbors, but they decided to let us keep both.
Bengi - Sleeping on mommy 

Bengi - this is when I fell in love 

Bengi (Left) & Carmelo (Right) 

Bengi (Left) & Carmelo (Right)  

Carmelo (Carmi) 

Bengi being his usual playful self 

Bengi being his usual playful self  

Bengi on MY side of the couch! 

Carmi the jungle cat - Yes he is up our fake tree