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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

My 2nd Award - The Versatile Blogger

This award is attracted to me! My second time accepting it and I still accept it with pride and a huge smile on my face!

Thanks to A Dad's Take for this award. If you have not stopped in to check out his blog do so NOW! Now I tell you! No really it is great to see a dad blogging since they are the minority.

Darn those rules but here they are:

Right 7 things about myself and then award 15 other bloggers (this is the hardest because I spend more time reading blogs and it takes forever to choose just 15!)I also promise that these 7 tidbits are different from the first 7 (which you can find Here)
Sorry I had to go back and see what I shared last time.

1. I love cooking shows, like Top Chef and Hells Kitchen yet I hate to cook and actually never do. Yes my lovely husband does all the cooking and is very good at it. Once my Masters program is over I would like to start learning to cook and helping him out. I am actually watching the Next Food Network Star (Thank you DVR) right now.

2. In addition to Big J and Little J, I also have 2 bonus children. An 18 year old boy (E) and a 13 year old Girl (O). Due to circumstances that I am still not really sure of the details I have yet to meet E but we recently got back in contact with him.

This is harder then I thought, maybe I should not be writing this after two nights of little sleep. Since it is 10:30 maybe I should really be going to sleep.

3. I love cereal! Any and all kinds, well I really do not like sugary kinds except for Rice Krispie Treat cereal! That I love! Ok so as I was saying I love cereal and usually have 4+ boxes in my cupboard at a time! I can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! No milk needed either.

4. I have a short fuse and I get stressed way to easily. I hate it, I stress and stress and it usually works it self out in the end.

5. I was lucky that I never had a bad MIL (yes I had two, I was young and foolish. Ok I am still young and sometimes still foolish) I got along well with MIL #1, although we now no longer talk. (that is another story) MIL # 2 was fantastic, the most wonderful, beautiful, fantastic woman I have ever met. Sadly God like to take the best and we lost her a little over a year ago to Ovarian Cancer. It saddens me that my girls will never get to really know her.

6. I hate spending money, don't get me wrong, I love to shop I just feel guilty later about spending money. Even when I have money I hardly ever spend it on myself. Although I did buy myself a bra, deskfan and some flavored water today!

7. I miss the small town feel of NH (where I was born and raised) but I really have no urge to move back close to family. GASP! I know but it is complicated and just easier this way. But don't misunderstand I miss my family!

Alright on to the fun and yet just as difficult part, choosing 15 blogs to pass the award onto. (in no particular order)

1 - My Girls
2 - Double Duty Mommy
3 - Sarah's Blog of Fun
4 - I'm A Lazy Mom
5 - Mass Hole Mommy
6 - It's Not Just Lunch
7 - The Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man
8 - Mommy's Free Time
9 - Tethered Mommy
10- Adventures Of Miscrabbypants
11 - Wonderfully Dysfunctional
12 - Work, Wife, Mom...Life!
13 - The Bloggess
14 - Managing Mommyhood
15 - Mommy Doodles

Whew finished. It is so difficult choosing just 15 and I spend so much time reading and browsing that it took forever to finish this post! Congrats to everyone!

The Weekend of the J's

This was a J weekend with Mommy working hard to let the girls (ok mostly Big J) have a great time. Saturday was her very first playdate!!! OMG where does the time go?

We had to leave the house since Daddy was working and it is hard for him to listen (he is in training) with Big J bugging him every 5 seconds, so around 9:30am we venture out into the awful heat to T's house. T is a boy from her school who she loves; her class is almost all boys. They ran around together for awhile and then we went to the neighbors house to swim in their pool. Little J and I hung out in the shade while everyone else swam. Big J was scared at first but by the time she got out she was a swimming pro. She had on one of those swimming vest and goggles and there was no stopping her.

Around 2pm I went home to get Daddy so that he could join us. We then went back for more swimming until around 5pm. Of course I could not find a single bathing suit to wear. I have 3 and they have all vanished into thin air. My husband thinks I hid them so I could get a new one, yeah because I really want to go swimsuit shopping 4 months after having a baby. My idea of a great time, since I have not lost a pound! I think I actually gained and I hate it!

I want to be able to wear clothes again, with a rubber band holding my pants together. None of my shirts fit either since my breasts are so big! But I would not trade my Little J for the world!

Sunday we ventured to Ikea and let Big J play in the play area. 5 mins after I dropped her off and went looking for Daddy and Little J the buzzer (they give you a buzzer like at a restaurant) went off so I had to turn around and go back. When I got there she decided she was ok and wanted to play some more. I guess she was helping Mommy get her exercise!

All in all, minus the heat and humidity it was a great weekend. Now if I could just have a day off to take a nap!

Kids Say the Darndest Things

- I still love you - This is Big J's new thing, as if I have done something wrong. Even when I am upset at her for not listening she says I still love you. I always feel like I have been bad.

- That's a lot of Rice! I know! - Ever seen the Staples commercial were the guy is yelling about a low price? Well for some reason Big J is convinced that he is talking about Rice. It is so funny! (For those followers who read the post about this before, I can't help it she is so funny when she says it!)

-You can leave Little J here alone, she won't mind  - I have yet to convince Big J that we cannot just leave her little sister wherever we want and that she can not be alone.

- Mommy You Proud of Me? -  She was such a good swimmer in the pool that we were saying we were so proud of her, and now she won't stop asking me!

- I need a desk so I can color - Said at Ikea when we were getting a new (HUGE) desk for my husband and I. We needed one that will fit 3 computers (his, mine and his work one) and then we had to include space for Big J to color!

Kids sure say the funniest things, What has your child said that just made you stop and laugh?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Balloonatiks Review and Giveaway

When I saw the opportunity to do a review and giveaway on Ballonatiks: The Collectors Edition I thought it would be fantastic because Big J happens to love movies. (We even have a Friday night ritual of movie night when she is good at school) As soon as we received the DVD she was begging to open and watch it.

A little background:
The Balloonatiks centers on five ordinary teens mysteriously transformed into rubbery and bouncy balloons, each gifted with incredible abilities from their unique personalities.
Flater - The school jock
Aribrain - The smartest kid in school
Squeeker - The pretty and popular cheerleader
Sparky - The multi-tasking and multi-talented activist of the group
Bouncer - The class clown and food lover

As soon as it began Big J was glued to the screen and even Little J was enjoying from her swing. The shows were very funny and included some messages for children including team work and having confidence in themselves. I loved that this is a new approach to heros although I have to admit my favorite character was Mr. Point the wacky villain who had hair and fingers made of pins. Such a great villain for a bunch of balloon heroes! I also loved Leaky who was a frog and was turned into the balloon mascot.

There was some farting humor throughout the show so if that bothers you the show is not for you, but otherwise it was a great show and I wished there had been more episodes on the DVD. This is one DVD that will stay in our collection for a long time.

Buy It:
You can purchase the video as well as the paperback backs at

Now to the best part... THE GIVEAWAY

*One winner will receive a copy of The Balloonatiks: The Collector's Set
*Giveaway will end on July 12th (In honor of Big J's 4th Birthday!)
*Open USA residents only (sorry)
*Mandatory entry must be done before completing any of the extra entries
*The winner will have 3 days to respond and then another winner will be chosen.

Mandatory Entry
Visit the Ballonatiks website and tell me which character you relate to the most and why. (or which one you would like to be)

Extra Entries:
- Follow Me on Google Friend Connect
- Subscribe to my blog via E-mail
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- Tweet about this giveaway and leave the link in your comment (1 entry per day)
- Grab my button (which is brand new!!) (5 entries - make sure to leave a link to where I can find it)
Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

You can also find Balloonatiks on Facebook

I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own (or Big J's) based on our experience.


The winner of the Touch'd Foaming Salt Soak is comment # 4

Lucky Jones said...

the sugar scrub in sugar & spice looks heavenly!

Winner was choosen by

Thank you all for entering my 1st giveaway and please keep an eye out for the next one!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mac & Cheese

All day I have been thinking about what to blog about since I am way overdo for a post, but I am so tired that nothing was coming to mind. Then suddenly I decided to talk about Mac & Cheese.

Yes Mac & Cheese.

Lovely Mac & Cheese in the blue box that you can get for under a buck. Ok maybe the store brand

So why would any mother in her right mind go out to eat and pay $5.00 for a kids meal made with boxed Mac & Cheese??? Did I just pay $4.00 for you to make it, serve it and throw some applesauce on the side?

I know she is only 4 (or close enough) and did not seem to care, but I did!! I could have made her the Mac & Cheese from the box, spooned up some applesauce and saved a couple bucks. Not to mention it is much easier to keep the leftovers. Mind you the leftovers from the restaurant dinner ended up staying there and it was most of the meal.

Is it so hard to make a simply Mac & Cheese dish for children? Do they not deserve real food when they go out? It is pretty much the same effort as making the kind from the box! So I have decided to boycott all restaurants that serve good adult food and expensive crappy kids food from a box!!!

It also did not help that the bite I took was ice cold and I had to stir up the BOXED Mac & Cheese in order to make it an ok temperature to eat. Then my hubby's food (which this happened to be his Father's day dinner) was overcooked, nothing like well done steak when you ask for medium rare! Add to that my sweet potato fries and vegetables were cold too.

What happened to the days where going to a restaurant was relaxing? Where you got good quality food (no matter what your age) in a timely fashion and done the way you wanted? Where your server acknowledged you and did not make you wait forever?

Don't get me wrong I know what it can be like during the busy time, but this was a Monday at 6:30 and the restaurant was clearly not that busy. Less then 1/2 was filled. I worked as a hostess for over  year so I have seen what servers go through, but there is no excuse for indifference!

Who knew Mac & Cheese could stir so much emotion and finally give me something to write about this week.!

On another note I really need to create an easier way for people to enter my giveaways. I have another one coming up and a few more in the works. My first one which ends tonight only has 7 comments. Any advice on what I can do better next time?

Thanks for listening!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friendly Friday and Follow Me Friday

TGIF and You know what that means. I love these not specifically for getting followers but because it is a great and easy way for me to check out a bunch of other blogs!


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Computer Trouble

So even though I have an armoire which is supposed to hold my computer, it is not very practical. I love it but it has no place to sit and work on a computer. Anyway I keep my computer on my coffee table, although I used to keep it next to the couch but it was temperamental and kept complaining about overheating.

Give me a break computer you want to talk about overheating? It has been around 100 degrees and very humid lately, you get to stay in the AC!

Where was I? Oh yeah Big J. She was half walking half running in only the way a 4 year old can around the coffee table and happened to pull the cord out of my laptop. A couple hours later after getting everyone to bed I went to use my laptop to check my blog and facebook  do homework. Well 10 mins into my hard work it turns itself off. That is when I realize that the plug has come loose inside the laptop.

Now I am angry because I really need to do homework, which by the way is not finished and is due today! But to quote the pirates ARGH! I am too tired right now and it will have to wait until tomorrow. Thankfully I have a 91% so I will still be ok. Getting your Masters degree while working and having two children is just crazy.

So how am I typing this you ask? My wonderful husband took the computer apart and fixed it..... at least for now. I have to be very careful with it, at least until we get the "docking station" (not sure what it is really called) and new desk. Oh by the way the new desk is in honor of my husband's new job!!!! Yes a wish has come true (see my wish post for more details).

Man my brain is so fried lately I feel like I am all over the place. Sorry for the rambling.

Please check out my Touch's giveaway and stay tuned for some other giveaways coming soon!

Thank you to all my followers for putting up with my crazyness! Love you all

Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Question Friday and more Randomness

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship?
A listener and someone who does not think you are crazy when you wander around talking to yourself.

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted?
Everything, I always have buyers remorse. I need serious shopping therapy. Anyone want to fund that for me?

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you?
I have three brothers (2 older) what do you think?

4. What is your favorite theme park?
Uhh... year it has been awhile, I mean there is Disney World or I could say Carowinds in NC because it is close to me so probably the only one I will get to go to anytime soon.

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth?
No and I really have no desire but I think that will change when my girls are ready for that.

Want to participate in 5 question Friday? Go here My Little Life

On to random thought:

As I am writing this I am re watching the end of the season finale of Glee and yes I cried and cried at the end. I love it, I love singing (well when no one can here me) and Glee is my guilty pleasure. I cannot believe it is over.... for now!! I was so excited to hear that it was coming back. It makes me laugh and cry! Plus I love to hate Sue!!

On the bright side three other shoes are starting that I love to watch:
-Hell's Kitchen - I just starting watching last season but there is something about watching Gordon yell at the cooks that makes it enticing.

- Next Food Network Star - or as we have now dubbed it the Next FooFoo (which happens to be the name of Big J's stuffed dog) The funny part is I cannot cook- nope and I never do. Although this is something I am hoping to change in the near future.

- Top Chef DC - Again I love watching people cook and dreaming that I can someday do that.

Please also go over and enter my giveaway!! It is my first one and I have another review/giveaway coming soon so please keep an eye out!!

Leave a comment for me on a show you love to watch or a favorite recipe that never lets you down. Who knows maybe I will give it a try!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School Woes & Big J

So yesterday was the end of my 2nd week of my current class. Which happens to be Corporate Social Responsibility. Of if I did not mention I am currently studying online for my Master's degree. After this class I have three more and then I can specialize for another 4 classes. (I am thinking of marketing) Well after getting the kids to bed tonight I still had one assignment that was not complete and I needed to finish tonight so I did not lose many points. I spent an hour finishing it from earlier, saved it (or so I thought) and went to submit it online. Well lo and behold it was gone! The whole presentation, notes and all! I had to spend the next 45 minutes doing it again. Needless to say this is all the post I have in me tonight!

Well maybe not.

I have been laughing alot at some funny things that Big J has been saying lately and just thought I would share.

- Whoa, That's A lot of Rice.... I know! - Ok this comes from the Staple (I think it is Staples) commercial where they guy says Whoa that's a low price! For some reason Big J thinks it has to do with rice. They way she says it is hilarious!

-Daddy you are a Silly Ass - Yes something she learned from the Peter Pan play she has been watching on Netflix. I never thought to preview it thinking it could not be bad, I mean it is Peter Pan... a movie for KIDS!!

- Mommy we need two more babies so we can all have one. - I almost died! Little J is her baby and does not belong to me, even though I do all the work! Anyway Big J feels we (Me, Her father and her ) all need our own babies. So sweet but I do not think so! Two is enough for me.... at least for now.

Well I am exhausted and 6:15 comes early, especially with night time feedings (which I don't mind right now, but shhh don't tell my husband or he will stop doing his three nights!!)

Please remember to enter my first giveaway for Body Foam from Touch'd!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lazy Mom Job

So the lovely people over at CSN stores is helping me be lazy for Father's day and help my daughter eat healthier! If you do not know about CSN they have 200 stores packed with items to choose from, anything from baby toys to sofas.

Thanks to them I get to review the Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender, something my husband has been asking for, hence the lazy father's day present. He (you notice I said he) will also learn to make wonderful, yummy smoothies for me and Big J! Of course I will have to try it myself for the review, but after that it is his. So if anyone has some great smoothie or other healthy recipies to share, please let me know.

Speaking of being a lazy mom... I have complete my first Lazy Mom Job set by Stacey over at I'm A Lazy Mom"

The job was to create a snack bin. This was even more lazy for me because we already had a snack drawer so I just had to up the snack supply and take pictures. I have to admit I did empty the drawer and dump out the crumbs... I know not very lazy mom like.  Below is my proof of my Lazy Mom Job. Please visit I'm A Lazy Mom" to see other Lazy Mom's or to complete the Lazy Mom Job yourself and enter to win the Gift Card!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Touch'd Review & Giveaway!

I am so excited! This is my very first giveaway!!!

I was chosen to be one in a group of bloggers helping with the Touch'd online store Grand Launch!

A little bit about the company and founder:

Touch'd bath and body was founded Rachel Ferrucci, when she couldn't find products to meet all the needs of her family. One product specifically, the organic sugar scrub, was created when her daughter had eczema and the doctors were prescribing medicated creams that seemed to be drying out her skin. She wanted to give her daughter relief without slopping medicated creams all over her delicate body. She researched and read every book on natural oils and how they can benefit our skin. She was successful in concocting the winning formulas in her home bathtub by making a product that was 100% organic and alleviated her eczema.

Other signature items in the Touch’d women’s product line include Bath Butter, Moisture Myst, and the Foaming Salt Soak, which is derived from the Dead Sea. The men’s line (inspired by her husband) includes the scents Outlaw and Captain.

I got to try the Organic Sugar Scrub!

The first thing I noticed was the smell, it was heavenly! It smelled like a spa and I had to open the jar right away and try the scrub on my hands. I have really dry skin and lately my hands have been really dry and itchy, I am sure the air conditioning at my work does not help. I scrubbed it in with a little water and then rinsed with water. It left a great smell and a smooth feeling. The product left an oily feeling but I liked it and followed with hand lotion I had. I used the product on my hands for a couple days and the itching was gone. I also tried it on my elbows and feet and both feel smoother.

Since I have sensitive skin and eczema I like that these products are made from all natural ingredients which will not irritate my skin. Now I just need to get my husband to let me use it on his feet!
To Purchase:
Sugar Scrub $36.00
Use code: BigJLittleJ for 25% off

Win a Foaming Salt Soak! (Value $32.00)
(This giveaway is open to residents of the US only- sorry to any international readers! The giveaway will end June 21st. One winner will be picked at random and will be emailed by me. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected)

Mandatory Entry: Visit  and tell me which product and which scent you would like to try

Extra Entries: (can only be done after mandatory entry. Leave a comment for each)
Follow The Trials of Big J & Little J on Goggle Friend Connect (1 entry)

Like Touch'd on Facebook (1 Entry)

Follow Touch'd on Twitter (1 Entry)

Tweet the giveaway (1 entry per day)

Visit the Touch'd website and subscribe to their newsletter (1 entry)

Subsribe to The Trials of Big J & Little J via e-mail or RSS feed (1 entry each)

Blog about this giveaway - Must link to The Trials of Big J & Little J and . (5 Entries)

Please be sure to include your e-mail address in your entries


I was sent a product by the company for review at no cost. I am not being paid for this review. All opinions in the above review are mine and 100% honest.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

This is the first chance I have had to stop and post something. I never imagined having two children would be this challenging, but I would not trade either of my Js for the world!!! I really should be doing my homework since I have not had a chance to work on that either but the urge to blog is strong!! My husband was sick this weekend so I had the girls alone for most of the time. My Js are very demanding, Big J is still learning patience and then Little J loves to be held or at least talked to constantly!! Neither likes to nap either! Big J gave up naps at 2 which made mommy very sad, we do try and have "quiet time" which basically means she plays in her room for about 1-2 hours. Of course getting Little J to sleep at that time has about a 20% success rate!

The hardest thing is that I know Big J needs to go outside and get rid of her energy, but her so called friends from the apartment were not out today for her to play with. I say so called because lately it seems that they want nothing to do with her unless she brings her Tricycle with her. It really irks me but she is still too young to notice and it makes her so happy to have friends. Today I took them outside and Little J sat in the stroller while Big J and I played with chalk and rode her Tricycle.  She had so much fun and I made sure she ran and ran as much as possible to get some exercise. Of course when you are almost 4 you have enough energy for 20 people!

Well I really need to work on my homework. I cannot wait until school is over and then when it is I will miss having to do homework, well really the learning part! I also have some reviews and a couple giveaways I need to be working on. Oh how I wish I did not have to work!

Exciting news though.... my husband got a job!!! (see my wishes post!) I am so excited and happy for him, he really needs this and it is a job he really wanted. He also gets to work from home which is a great benefit!! Love it and glad that God is looking out for us!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Would you like $50 of olive oil from California Olive Ranch?

Tell Momma Made me your story of you and your mom or you as a mom that involves food. If your story is chosen, you'll receive a $50 credit to purchase olive oil from the California Olive Ranch online store. Plus, your story will be featured as an audio story on Momma Made Me on Facebook and iTunes!

A total of 12 entries will be selected to be featured.

Visit Momma Made Me on Facebook and enter a few lines of your story - not more than a paragraph.

* They will use your email to contact you if you're story is chosen. You will also receive the California Olive Ranch newsletter.

Post to your blogs as well because the mom blog with the most readers entering a story will receive $250 ad buy for Momma Made Me from A Million Cooks, the folks behind Momma Made Me.

Today I wish for:

Today I wish for:

- A magic fairy to wave her magic wand every morning to get Big J ready for school! There would be much less arguing and much less of mommy repeating herself. Put your shoes on please.....put your shoes on please.... put your shoes on please......

-A cup that magically refills whenever I need it with what ever I want. I guess I am lazy but when I am working I hate to stop to do things like refill my water or coffee or even use the bathroom. It is like when driving. Once I am on my way I do not want to stop until I get there.

-2 hours to just sit and work on my blog and read other blogs. Yes I am addicted. Every time my blackberry blinks its little red light at me I have to stop and check it no matter where I am or what I am doing. (OK maybe I should wish for 3 or 4 hours instead!)

-The strength to stay away from junk food, to remember to take the stairs and to ignore the little red blinking light! Honestly I am tired of using hair ties (because they are more comfortable then rubber bands) to hold my pants closed. See I refuse to purchase new pants to fit this "in between" body when I am determined to loose the baby weight and fit back into my pre baby clothes. The only thing I was willing to purchase was a new pair of jeans and that is because the "hair tie trick" was not working on my old pair.

-For my husband to find a job, I mean come on it has been over a year!! Nothing fancy needed, just enough to help pay the bills and maybe a little extra for a date night every once and awhile. I do not need the big house and all the toys, all I want is to live comfortably and not worry about when rent is due. Although since I am wishing and wishes should be big I would ask for him to get a grand job so that I can stay home with my Js.

- To lose the guilt and pain from the fact that I cannot stay home with Little J. Shortly after Big J was born we moved from SC to NC and it took me a year to find a job. This meant I was able to stay home with Big J for that time. With Little J I got exactly 6 weeks and I thought my heart would break when I had to leave her behind and go back to work!

I guess that is enough wishing for today. Stay tuned for some exciting things coming up in the land of Big J & Little J. Touch'd review and giveaway coming soon as well as another pending giveaway or two. Things are heating up over here.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

Visit Supah Mommy to join Post It Note Tuesday

My Living Breathing Bucket List!

1. Travel to every state in the US at least once in my life. I would love to stay in every state but will be happy with touching my feet on the ground of every state.

2. Take a cruise with my family, hopefully this one happens soon!

3. Have a honeymoon (without the kids).

4. Host my 1st giveaway on my blog.

5. Win a new blog makeover from Simply Stacie and Kelly's Lucky You Build a Beautiful Blog Week. Yes I won!!!

6. Have a career in marketing with a focus on social media.
7. Get 200 followers on my blog.

8. Get 500 followers on my blog.

9. Get 1000 followers on my blog.

10. See Cavalia again, loved it so much!!

11. Take my daughters horse back riding.

12. Own a dog, of course not until my daughters are older and can help.

13. Lose 40 lbs

14. Learn to cook at least enough to feed my family more then boxed items.

15. Finish both my daughter's baby books.

16.  Renew my vows with my husband at the local Renaissance festival.

17. Own a home with a backyard.

18. Go to the circus.

19. Finally take the time to get both my daughters christened, yes I know one is almost 4 but all our family is out of state and we were really trying to get it done back in NH, but as you can see that has not happened.

20. Find the time to have a girl's night out without feeling guilty.

21. Find someone I trust to watch my children.

Please feel free to add you own and I will continue to add more.