Monday, January 31, 2011

The Tiffany Rubin Story - Tonight on Lifetime

Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Beverly Todd (Crash) star in the new Lifetime Original Movie Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story premiering Monday, January 31, at 9 pm (ET/PT).

The film is based on a dramatic true story of Tiffany Rubin’s (Henson) daring 2008 rescue of her six-year-old son, Kobe, after he was abducted by his biological father and taken from his home in Queens, New York, all the way to Seoul, South Korea.

Immediately following the movie at 11 PM ET/PT, Lifetime will premiere an all-new hour-long documentary, Beyond the Headlines: The Tiffany Rubin Story.

My Thoughts:
I love Lifetime movies although I do not get to watch them often so when I was offered the chance to view Taken From Me on DVD I said yes. This movie had a wide range of emotions like most Lifetime Movies and was filled with strength. I cannot image being in Tiffany's shoes and losing a child, even for awhile. The fact that it is based on a true story made it harder to watch, especially having children of my own. I do not want to give anything away but if you love Lifetime movies this is a must see.

Also watch for two new Lifetime Television reality shows: Seriously Funny Kids, with host Heidi Klum premiers Tuesday, February 1st @ 9pm and One Born Every Minute premiering on Tuesday, February 1st @ 10pm.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Your Typical Valentine's Day Gift - Review & Giveaway

I have to admit I was intrigued when I was first offered the chance to review Valentine's Day toilet paper from JustPaperRoses and figured why not. I am always looking for ideas beyond the typical gift and I knew that my family would get a kick out of it. It is very cute and says "I Love You From Top To Bottom" in read lettering with hearts.  (I am even thinking of putting it in the bathroom the next time we have guests over for a good laugh)

Looking for a gift for a different occasion? No worries they sell Toilet Paper for all occasions. Wedding,  Mother's Day, Halloween, Birthdays, You can even ask someone to marry you with a roll!

I know some of you are saying, "Toilet Paper?" Come on, but the company sells 300 rolls for Valentine's day alone and they go fast! So if you want one you better shop now. But if per chance you are still skeptical no problem, JustPaperRoses has many other gifts to fit your needs. Perhaps a bouquet of Paper Roses? (Again for all occasions, including Christmas and Thanksgiving)

 Origami Orchids, which I would love... Would be a splurge though. (Range from $49.95 - $199.95) - Hint Hint if anyone is in the market to get me a gift!!!!
I also love this hand carved statue carved from suer wood titled The Kiss.

About JustPaperRoses
The company was started by Jeff Block, an American artist who used to have Origami as a hobby. Now he calls JustPaperRoses, Inc. his  "hobby on steroids". He started with fold-out heart-shaped Valentine's Day cards in 1994 and added Origami Orchids (made by him). Then in 2000 the business morphed into JustPaperRoses® A great feature is that the items are created and assembled in America and several of their vendors are American crafters.

The company carries all kinds of items for Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Sweet 16 and Birthdays. Ranging from toilet paper to teddy bears.

Their most successful niche is their themed wedding anniversary gifts. They make roses for every anniversary. Since my next anniversary is my 3rd we received the JustLeatherRose, which is a part of their new JustDeskRoses  line. (1st anniversary would be paper, 5th would be wood, 13th would be lace and even 50th which is made from either gold paper or lace, etc.)

 Roses can also be purchased in bouquets

Want to purchase a gift for someone? or even yourself?  Visit JustPaperRoses

Want to win a gift?? One lucky Big J & Little J reader will win a $50 gift certificate to Just Paper Roses. (Contest ends Saturday, February 5th at midnight. Winner will be chosen by and have 48 hours to respond)

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I received a roll of toilet paper and the JustLeatherRose for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this post are mine and 100% honest.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mOmma Rocking Cup and Spoon Review

First let me say how much I love the name mOmma, it is so creative and unique! Thanks to Family Review Network and Ginsey Home Solutions Little J was sent the rocking cup w/straw and the spoon from mOmma to review.

About mOmma
Innovation, technology, movement and colors. mOmma is the newest revolutionary line of baby products that encourages baby to discover their surroundings with products that are unique in shape, movement and color, thus transforming each moment of your baby’s mealtime into a moment of growth, learning and pleasure.

The main mOmma products rock, entertaining baby during mealtime. This movement stimulates baby’s curiosity and captures his attention. The « rocking » system always ensures maximum hygiene: the point of suction never comes in touch with the surface of tables or high chair.

A complete line of products designed according to baby’s changing needs during the various phases of growing. These simple but innovative products help baby become more self-assured and independent.

  • Round ergonomic shape The round shape has been specially designed to make the grip easier for baby’s tiny hands.
  • Safe and hygienic The spoon rocks happily but it always remains upright. The point of suction never comes into contact with the surfaces of tables or highchairs, thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene.
  • Soft Texture The soft tip of the spoon encourages the natural transition from teat to spoon.
  • Roly-Poly The Roly-Poly movement is one of babies’ favourite games. It entertains them during mealtime and stimulates their reactivity and concentration.
  • Non-slip The special rubber coating ensures perfect adhesion to tables and high chairs.

Rocking cup w/straw

  • Round ergonomic shape The round shapes have been specially designed to make the grip easier for your baby’s tiny hands.
  • Safe and hygienic The bottle rocks happily but it always remains upright. The point of suction never comes into contact with the surface of tables or highchairs, thus ensuring maximum hygiene.
  • In&out straw system The straw goes into and out of the cup by simply turning the cover. This modern closing system ensures maximum hygiene even when you carry the cup around.
  • Rocking The rocking movement is one of babies’ favourite games. It entertains them during mealtime and stimulates their reactivity and concentration.
  • Non-spill The straw only delivers the liquid when the baby sucks.

My Review

Little J loves the cup mainly because it rocks and it is a great game for her. I love the cup because while she is playing with it there is no spilling juice/water anywhere, which we all know happens a lot with children. Although she has not gotten the hang of the straw yet we still let her have it at meal times. Usually my husband uses the straw to get some juice out and drop in her mouth. I also love that you can travel with it and it keeps the straw clean and that all the pieces come a part for easy cleaning. There is nothing worse then sippy cups with hard to reach spots!

The spoon is also a fun toy for Little J because it rocks and rolls, of course now we are in the throwing and fetching faze so she is not allowed to keep it long. The spoon also travels well because of the case it comes with and that is great because I hate always having to put baggies of spoons in the diaper bag when we go out.

mOmma items can be purchased at Amazon

This post was written for Family Review Network & mOmma who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions. All opinions in this post are mine.”

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Degree !

Even though I complete my Master's Degree in October it did not really hit home until today.

We just got back from the grocery store and there was the UPS man holding a white package from Kaplan University. It took me about 5 seconds before I realized it was this:

That is my name on a diploma for a Master of Business Administration!! All while having two children (one I gave birth too while attending classes) and working full time. I also lost my MIL during that time. I really do not care about anyone else, although my family is proud but I am so proud of myself. Besides my children this is the biggest accomplishment in my 30 years!!

What have you accomplished that you are so proud of? Let me know so I can give you the Kudos you deserve, because I feel you can never have enough!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like coming home after a trip and there it feels even better when that trip was not great....ok not even a little but I am really not ready to get into all that yet.

The flight home was eventful, starting with an evacuation of the NH airport about 40 mins before our flight was supposed to leave. Thankfully the plane was late coming in and we made the flight. We (me and Big J and Little J) had about 10 mins to make our connection and actually arrived at the gate (which thankfully was just across the way from our arrival gate) when they were calling last boarding. This was at Reagan International in DC.  I was so scared that we would not make it home to daddy and Big J even cried when we had to leave the Manchester airport in NH. I promised her that we would see her father that day and thankfully everything worked out.

More to come later.... I am not sure yet how much more about the trip I will share but I am leaning towards full disclosure because I have reached a point where it needs to be done.

Oh and in case you missed it, I turned 30 last Thursday! Happy Birthday to me! I was working on a special post or 30 of them, but this past week has drained me mentally and physically and I just could not muster anything. Not to mention I hardly had access to a computer and I usually had someone hanging around. (Usually a J or two!)

Monday, January 3, 2011

One more day down

Still counting the days until we go home on Saturday. I am trying to enjoy myself since this is a week of my vacation, but it is hard when you have two children demanding your time all day with little to no breaks. Big J and I have found some bonding time with Super Paper Mario on the Nintendo Wii. I have been trying to play with her (Ok I play she watches and talks) as much as I can since there is not much else and we no longer have the Wii at home. (Had to sell it awhile ago for the cash). This is mostly done when Little J is sleeping because she has been so clingy! She is having trouble sleeping at night (Little J) which means so is Mommy. She does take a good morning nap but her afternoon nap has been a no go since we have been here. This means she is extra cranky after 3 and ends up in bed an hour earlier then at home. I figure it is going to take at least a week to get her back on a schedule when we get home. She has also started to cough which is worrying me since she just got over a bad cold and ear infection a couple weeks ago.

To make things even sadder is that my poor husband is not feeling well and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that his three girls are so far away and he is all alone. He does have his interview tomorrow afternoon so fingers crossed and prayers said that he gets it! This is the whole reason why he was not able to come with us in the first place.

Well tomorrow we are going to visit my Mom's work so everyone can see the girls. Here is hoping I can go upstairs this time. Last time we were here I was not allowed and had to sit in the cafeteria. At least this time I will be prepared with a drink and a book!

Sorry for all the down posts lately, I know I will be better once I get back home.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Want to go home

Does anyone else have family that well, just sucks? Here for a week, have not seen my brothers in a looong time, one in over a year and the other even longer and yet they still have no desire to see me. Yeah they spend the necessary minutes to not look like asses (and to meet Jorja) but part of me just wishes they would stay away.

I do not care if you do not agree with my choices in life, it is mine to do as I please and never have I asked you for help or for your opinion so I wish they would just shove it. One has basically told me he wants nothing to do with me and then acts like I am barely in the room and the other just ignores me all the time and visits when he has to. Both act like they are better then me and everyone else.

My mind screams, screw them! Who cares! I do not need them in my life! and yet my heart still hurts. Am I that terrible a person? Have I screwed up so bad in their eyes that I am not worth it any longer? And lastly what gives them the right? Who made them Mr. Perfect 1 and Mr. Perfect 2? Sometimes I just want to e-mail them and tell them how much they suck, other times I just crack jokes about the black sheep club that I am president of on Facebook (One of these days I just might create one).

Really I just want to be back home with my husband living my black sheep life! That is where I belong and screw everyone else!

I apologize if I offended anyone with my language or mood. I am stressed out and sleep deprived and I miss my husband so much! Did I mention I still have 6 days until we fly home???