Thursday, April 25, 2013

$15 for a six foot peel-and-stick whiteboard (with free shipping!)

$15 for a six-foot, peel-and-stick whiteboard + free shipping!
Offer expires: 11:59 PM - May 07, 2013

Eversave Deals

Today's Save: TagCo - Tank Tops

Summer supplies: $30 for a 12-pack of colorful tank tops
Bonus Save: Easy Canvas Prints

$30 for one or $40 for two 16" x 20" gallery-wrapped canvases from Easy Canvas Prints + free shipping
Bonus Save: JK Linens Queen King March

$39 for 1200-thread count sheets + free shipping!
Bonus Save: Linum Home Textiles

From $37: A six-piece set of authentic Turkish towels, plus free shipping!
Bonus Save: Shirin Diamonds - Pearl Set

$20 for a freshwater pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings + free shipping
Bonus Save: Affinion Group All-Clad pan

$99 for an All-Clad stainless steel 3-quart sauté pan with lid — shipping included!
Bonus Save: Affinion Group - Vivitar

$59 for a Vivitar Digital Zoom Camcorder — shipping included!
Bonus Save: Joseph Nogucci - Dharma Bracelet

From $18: Colorful, inspirational Semi-Precious Stone bracelets + free shipping!
Bonus Save: Affinion Group - iLuv Cord

$10 for an iLuv DualJack Sync/Charge Cable for iPhone, Galaxy, Smartphones & more — shipping included!
Bonus Save: emerilware

$133 for a ten-piece set of stainless steel Emerilware pots and pans + free shipping!
Bonus Save: Gift Koncepts - LED Balloons

$9 for 10 multicolored LED light-up balloons
Bonus Save: Shea Terra Organics

$18 for 4 oz. bottle of certified organic Moroccan Argan Oil + free shipping!
Bonus Save: Zshoppers - Shockproof Case

$8 for an Armor Hybrid Shockproof Case for iPhone 4, 4S and 5
Bonus Save: iChameleons - Whiteboard

$15 for a six-foot, peel-and-stick whiteboard + free shipping!
Bonus Save: WidgetLove - Power Bundle

Up to 77% off a 3-piece iPhone 4/4S/5 power bundle for your home or car
Bonus Save: Lady Mate

From $20: Intimate apparel from LadyMate — Choose from two options!
Bonus Save: Epacific Mall - Jogger Kit

$25 for a 6-piece Jogger Essentials Kit — great for outdoor workouts!
Bonus Save: iChameleons - MLB Earbuds

Score! $10 for a pair of MLB earbuds from iChameleons
Bonus Save: Walk Safe - LED Dog Collar

$15 for a Walk Safe LED Dog Collar in your choice of five colors
Bonus Save: National Geographic Kids

From $10: A one-year subscription to National Geographic Kids or National Geographic Little Kids magazine + free shipping!
Bonus Save: Resort Vacation Certificate

Orlando to Williamsburg: $299 for a seven-night stay at a variety of luxurious resorts around the world
Bonus Save: Foxy Originals

$25 for $50 worth of buzzed-about jewelry from Foxy Originals
Bonus Save: WidgetLove - iPhone battery case

From $13: An external battery iPhone case
Bonus Save: Rock Solid Wholesale

From $249: Your choice of vibration fitness systems, plus a parts and labor warranty and free shipping!
Bonus Save: Epacific Mall - Chinese Lanterns

$14 for a 10-pack of colorful Chinese fire lanterns
Bonus Save: z shoppers egg speaker

$3 for an egg-shaped speaker stand for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 — seven color options!
Bonus Save: GSMC Ventures - Cellulite Cream

From $14: One or three tubes of Revitol Cellulite Cream + free shipping!
Bonus Save: Hands Free Can Opener

$14 for a hands-free can opener
Bonus Save: Nature's Dynamics

From 19: A kids' or women's Nature's Dynamics vitamin bundle
Bonus Save: Epacific Mall - Drop Earrings

$14 for a pair of three-carat sapphire drop earrings in pink or clear
Bonus Save: Dealsondirect - Kcup

From $7: One or two reusable K-Cups
Bonus Save: Wrap Magic Skirts

$39 for a transformer convertible infinity dress from Wrap Magic Skirts — choose from three styles!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blogger Opportunity (Giveaway coming soon)

HIYW Giveaway

Warming It Up Your Way Giveaway Sign Ups

Jenn's Blah Blah Blog and Pink Ninja Media bring you the Warming It Up Your Way Giveaway! Sign ups are now open, and we're asking all you awesome bloggers who love to promote giveaways to join us for this fabulous giveaway!

Hi everyone  welcome to another  month of the Have It Your Way Giveaway! Most of you know how this giveaway works. Every month there is a giveaway where the winner chooses their prize. One lucky person can choose a prize valued up to $500, and bloggers will get one free link in this giveaway. Choose between Twitter and Pinterest.

 If you want to sign up for this fabulous giveaway you can visit Jenn's Blah Blah Blog's Have It Your Way Giveaway.