Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 a review

Ok I know it is only February and the only the 3rd but this year has already been crazy for me. Here is a quick look at 2011 for Big J & Little J.

Thursday, December 30 (Not technically 2011 but close enough) - Mommy, Big J & Little J fly to NH with out Daddy. Daddy has a second job interview which is very important because he has not really had a job for over 2 years. Trip was not so bad considering we had to change planes in DC.

Thursday, January 6th - My 30th Birthday - Was having a miserable trip! New Year's Eve is very special to me and my husband and we were apart, my 30th birthday only comes once in a lifetime and he was not there. Let's not forget that he found out he did not get the job!!

Also during this whole "vacation" week Little J was not sleeping well which means that Mommy was not sleeping well. Also she refused to stay with anyone else for longer then a minute which meant that I was on duty 24/7. Not something I am used to nor is it something I wanted for my "vacation".

Saturday, January 8th - The best day every because we got to fly home!!! However.....We were evacuated from the airport in NH while the fire trucks came. So there I am standing out in the snow holding Little J and making sure I do not lose Big J. Big J was pulling her new rolling backpack and I was also pulling a rolling carry-on. None of us were dressed for snow since we put our "outer" coats in the suitcase right before checking it. Thankfully we were only outside for about 5-10 minutes. Now we had to work our way back through security before our flight took off which was in about 20 minutes. We had to wait on the first floor until more people had gone through the security line. When we were finally allowed into the security line they called our flight so we were able to cut in front of everyone else!  Arriving in DC for our flight change we basically ran to our other plane, getting there as they were calling final boarding. Poor Big J was asking me to go to the bathroom and all I could say was, "No, run!" A nice stewardess did take her once we boarded. We finally made it home and I could not have been happier.

Monday, January 10th - Snow day at work! Living in Charlotte, NC this does not happen often but when we do get snow the place closes down!

Tuesday, January 11th - Ice day at work - Another day off for me!

Wednesday, January 12th - Hubby wakes up sick so I get another day off of work.

Monday, January 24th - Get a call from Hubby that Big J might have broken her nose at school. Yup. She was walking up the stairs on the playground equipment with her hands in her pocket. So of course when she fell her nose was the only thing there to break her fall. After a trip to the urgent care we learned it was not broken just swollen and sore. It really did not bother Big J much at all. Well except for when Little J hit her in the nose and made it bleed again.

Friday, January 28th - Hubby has been pretty sick for the past few nights, still able to watch Little J. We pulled her out of daycare to save money so he watches her everyday. I leave work early to give him a break and some rest.

Saturday, January 29th - Hubby decides he is sick enough for me to take to the ER. Since we do not have insurance this means he is really sick to go. I bring Big J to her friends house so she can play and Little J, Hubby and I head to the ER. He gets in right away but Little J and I are left in the waiting room. After about 2 hours I get someone to take us to him and find out they are admitting him. I leave him there and head to pick up Big J.

Sunday, January 30th - Take the girls to the mall and kill time while we wait for Hubby. He gets an endoscopy and biopsy and some other tests. They send him home that night.

Monday, January 31st and Tuesday, February 1st- Hubby is on 48 hour bed rest which means he is not allowed to watch Little J, so I stay home from work. I go to fill his 4 prescriptions only to find out that one is $180 and the other is $200 a month!! I was able to get the other two but he really needs the expensive one.

Wednesday, February 2nd - I go back to work and Hubby is surviving. He has appointments next week for help to get his meds as well as other doctor appointments to find out results and next steps.

So that is my recap of 2011 so far. You can see why I said it has already been a crazy year!!

Am I the only one? Or are other people having crazy starts to the new year? Please share so I don't feel so alone!

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  1. You are not the only one! End of year, my grandmother dies, then a major meltdown in my husband's family and lots of drama and stress in mine, too, we had to get on my husbands work's medical insurance which is an extra $3,000+ a year than we were paying before and the paperwork to switch was all messed up so I couldn't get my kids' Rxs filled or even take them to the doc, plus my youngest had a much needed surgery cancelled (and has yet to get it rescheduled) so she is chronically sick with this and that and everything, I have had a chest cold for the entire new year and to top that off I got a really bad sinus infection which led to an ear infection and now, even after 2 weeks of antibiotics and 2 different allergy meds (not covered by insurance) the sinus infection is back, and last but not least, my husband is laid off tomorrow and then (hopefully and yet unfortunately) will be off soon after to another state for the next few weeks/months for work. I think 2011 is going to be a challenging year. Lots of positive thinking and praying to be done!