Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting Ready for Big J's 5th Birthday Party

Big J turns 5 on the 12th!!!

We have been working on her surprise Princess party at our house. With a 5 year old we are just telling her that her party is actually 1 day later then it is, then we are arranging someone to take her out and bring her back after all her friends are here. We thought she would like that. She is also getting her first big girl bike!!!

Anyway we are going with a Princess theme so we made scroll invitations and my husband really got into it.

First I purchased some cute scroll paper at Staples and created the invitation. We individualized it with each invitees name. It was cuter and it also helped everyone to know that younger siblings were invited as well. 

We then purchased dowels and pretty pieces for the ends which my husband then spray painted gold. 

 The end of the right is the top and the one on the left is the bottom of the scroll

I then glued the dowels to the top and bottom with my new glue gun!

Finished and drying

Tie a nice bow. 

 Here is another up close picture of the ends

The finished product

So far everyone has loved the invitation and we are pretty proud of our handy work. We made 8 and it cost about $20.00 total but we still have gold spray paint, ribbon and a lot of scroll paper. I am going to make a sign because we have 1 dowel left (we actually have 2 but we broke one of the decorative ends) using the scroll paper. I am also planning on using the scroll paper to make the clues for the scavenger hunt. The prize at the end will be the pinata.

More pictures to come after the party which is the 16th.


  1. This is nice and very creative. I'm now following you on GFC from the Alexa blog hop :)

    Bri @ Ramblings of a Southern Mama

  2. Oh how adorable and creative! I'll have to show this to my daughters!

    I was looking to see if you have an alexa review button to write a review, I might be overlooking it.