Monday, September 5, 2011

Big J & the Broken Arm

So on Saturday Big J and Little J were coloring on the black and white board in the hallway.  Little J was standing on a kitchen chair so she could reach better and Big J was upset because she did not have a chair. So the Hubs gave her one of the wooden kid chairs from her room.

Well that was not good enough for Big J because she was still shorter then her sister. To remedy this Big J took a little kid plastic chair and put it on top of the wooden kid chair. The proceeded to stand on it and call to her father to come see. Hubs got about three steps down the hall and we heard thud and screaming.

Big J was clutching her right arm and crying. We had her lay on the couch and put ice on it but she was still crying and whining after five minutes. Now as a parent I knew that something was wrong. Big J is dramatic when she hurts herself but she gets over it quickly. So Hubs got ready and headed to the ER with Big J around 6pm on Saturday.

After x-rays we got the news, Big J had broken her arm! She is in a splint and a sling at the moment. Of course it is a holiday weekend so the Ortho doctor is not open until tomorrow. So I have to call and hopefully will get an appointment tomorrow for Big J. Not sure if she will get a cast but at 5 it is exciting for her because she knows her friends can color on it.

My poor broken baby!


  1. We have managed so far without broken bones. Poor kid :( hope all goes well and put a smiley on her cast for me :)

  2. Oh man!
    She'll have a nice story growing up. I never broke anything, but I found myself wanting to so people could write and draw on my cast. As an adult, I can see how stupid that is, but not to a little kid.