Saturday, November 12, 2011

ChildUp Review - Teach your child to Count

Since 2005, the ChildUp Team of early childhood development experts and dedicated parents is providing information and developing solutions and tools for parents who intend to raise successful, balanced, and happy children. 

The ChildUp program is based on decades of practical positive parenting experience in real life situations and families, backed up by leading worldwide scientific research in early education from the past 10 years.

ChildUp offers a series of efficient solutions and tools in matter of parenting, early childhood development, and early learning: the ChildUp Online Parenting Courses, the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards, the ChildUp Early Learning Applications, and the ChildUp Early Learning Method. 

The two current packs is the ChildUp's Early Learning Game Card Series are Teach Your Child to Count to 10 and Teach Your Child to Count to 20.

Teach Your Child to Count to 10 - Math and Logic #1  is the first pack in ChildUp's Early Learning Game Cards. Features bright colors, big numbers and animals from around the world.
  • Includes 48 Child’s Cards to learn to count from 1 to 10 while discovering four different series of 10 popular animals.
  • Includes 16 Parent’s Cards presenting the 1st part of the ChildUp Early Learning Method, with practical early learning and parenting advice.
    • Helps parents to teach:
      • Numbers from 0 to 10
      • Numbers as quantities and symbols
      • The first steps of addition

  • Includes 48 Child’s Cards to learn to count from 10 to 20 while discovering four different series of 10 new animals.
  • Includes 16 Parent’s Cards presenting the 2nd part of the ChildUp Early Learning Method, with practical early learning and parenting advice.
    • Helps parents to teach:
      • Numbers from 10 to 20
      • Odd and even numbers
      • First additions and subtractions
      • Categorizing, sorting, and comparing

They have also created a new app The ChildUp Early Learning Application “iCount-to-10”  which was created to help parents and early childhood educators teach children from 1 to 5 years old to count to 10. By playing this game with an adult, any child will learn to count to 10 (one of the very first steps in arithmetic), numbers as quantities and symbols, and the basics of addition. All that while discovering 40 popular animals and their real sounds. Moreover, with the app comes the ChildUp Early Learning Method, which provides precious information on brain development, early learning and parenting expertise.

Our Review
Both Big J & Little J love the colorful cards. Of course Little J is still too young to really understand, but she loves listening to her sister say the numbers and has even started repeating a few herself! Yeah to new words. Big J also loves the app, but poor Little J is scared by the animal sounds. (She has a fear of strange noises at the moment) Mommy is hoping she out grows that soon so she too can enjoy playing with the app and learning. 

Buy it:  Each pack of cards can be purchased from the ChildUp website for $9.99
The iCount-to-10 ChildUp Early Learning App is available at the Apple Online Store.

We received one pack of Teach Your Child to Count to 10, one pack Teach Your Child to Count to 20 and a free download of The ChildUp app curtesy of ChildUp and Family Review Network. All opinions are my own (with the help of Big J & Little J) and 100% honest. 

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