Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6 Weeks Left!!!

This will be my mantra for the next 6 weeks:
6 Weeks
Only 6 Short weeks

That is how many weeks I have left before I finish my classes for my Master's Degree! I can feel the break already, the ability read when I want, relax when I want, BLOG when I want!!!! I have been so busy at work and then school that when I finally have a moment of peace the last thing I want to do is type on a computer! Yet I miss it so much! I want to keep my readers and continue to create relationships with other bloggers!

I also feel like I took on too many review/giveaways in the last month or so,  not how I wanted my blog to be. There is just some great stuff out there that I so want to share with my readers! I have had to pull back though and be even more selective then I have been. I am actually getting ready to post a new one on a book call The Purple Toes! Today we also received Squinkies, which are these adorable little toys that Big J is already in love with. Ok enough for now, off to review The Purple Toes.

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