Monday, January 3, 2011

One more day down

Still counting the days until we go home on Saturday. I am trying to enjoy myself since this is a week of my vacation, but it is hard when you have two children demanding your time all day with little to no breaks. Big J and I have found some bonding time with Super Paper Mario on the Nintendo Wii. I have been trying to play with her (Ok I play she watches and talks) as much as I can since there is not much else and we no longer have the Wii at home. (Had to sell it awhile ago for the cash). This is mostly done when Little J is sleeping because she has been so clingy! She is having trouble sleeping at night (Little J) which means so is Mommy. She does take a good morning nap but her afternoon nap has been a no go since we have been here. This means she is extra cranky after 3 and ends up in bed an hour earlier then at home. I figure it is going to take at least a week to get her back on a schedule when we get home. She has also started to cough which is worrying me since she just got over a bad cold and ear infection a couple weeks ago.

To make things even sadder is that my poor husband is not feeling well and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that his three girls are so far away and he is all alone. He does have his interview tomorrow afternoon so fingers crossed and prayers said that he gets it! This is the whole reason why he was not able to come with us in the first place.

Well tomorrow we are going to visit my Mom's work so everyone can see the girls. Here is hoping I can go upstairs this time. Last time we were here I was not allowed and had to sit in the cafeteria. At least this time I will be prepared with a drink and a book!

Sorry for all the down posts lately, I know I will be better once I get back home.

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