Friday, July 8, 2011

LIttle J's Allergies

So poor Little J has pretty bad eczema and what is now confirmed as some pretty bad allergies. After the call from the Pediatrician and a good cry and went into action and started searching for what I need to do now.

Here is the list of her allergies:

  • Very high to peanuts - This is what started it all because she had a reaction to peanut butter
  • Very high to cats - Yup very sad about this one, I mean we just got two new kittens that we rescued. Not sure what we are going to do now. To see pics go here
  • Moderate to dogs - Someday we would like one, but for now we had to intention so this is not so bad. Of course my father and step-mother have 4 so it will be hard to visit them. 
  • Mild to egg whites - This means she cannot eat straight eggs but can eat pancakes, cake, etc. 

Everything else is fine, which means no allergy to wheat, seafood or milk and no outdoor allergies. The weird part is we thought she was allergic to dogs because she broke out really bad when we visited my parents for the holidays, but does not seem all that bothered by our cats. 

I am so upset, I mean of course my daughter's health is more important then our cats but I love them and Big J is going to be crushed if we have to give them away. I am also worried because I have never had to deal with allergies before. I have eczema, but not really bad at all and I have seasonal allergies but no food allergies. My husband has not had to deal with this either. Especially Peanut allergies because I know that can be bad. 

So my question is anyone else dealing with allergies? Or does anyone have any great references for help with children and allergies?

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  1. So sad when children have such bad allergies. Thankfully, we suffer no major allergies. I'm not sure if chiropractic would help with the allergies or not, but we certainly maintain our routine visits to keep everything healthy.

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