Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photos to Make You Smile

I have just been in a down and out mood lately and thought I would share some photos to make my followers and hopefully myself smile. Nothing wrong per say, just fighting my depression and stress. On the plus side I have a third interview on Monday with a company so hopefully I will land a job very soon!!


 Little J just chilling

Little J on Daddy's computer, which now he can never use without her yelling. 

Big J decided that Bengi needed a blanket. 

   Bengi in Little J's Bumbo  

Big J's birthday present - new earrings 

Little Princess - In Big J's costume  

More Birthday Presents (Bought from  Mommy Maid It

More  from Mommy Maid It

My Bengi Boy 

My Carmi - All wrapped up in pink tulle from the Birthday Party. 


  1. Looks like good therapy to me :). Such sweetie pies.

  2. Oh My Gosh! these photos are too them!