Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mommy Rolling Along - Heelys Review

For those of you who have not heard of Heelys they are shoes with a single or double wheel in the heel and they allow the wearer to go from walking to rolling simply by shifting their weight to their heels. 

When I first applied to review Heelys I was thinking I would get a pair for Big J, but when I was accepted and started looking at my choices I realized she was still a little too small feet wise so I decided on a pair for myself. Of course I was scared because I am not know for my graceful abilities! 

When they arrived I was very excited and tried them on right away. Since I was not ready to try outside just yet I tried them out on the kitchen floor. Lets just say I won't be doing any tricks anytime soon, but I figured out how to go in a straight line! The best part is that the wheels come out and you have a comfortable, stylish sneaker to wear.  The Heelys site also offers plenty of videos on how to start using your Heelys as well as how to do certain tricks. There is also the Heelys Safety Playbook which gives you some great tips on keeping yourself and your children safe.

Of course now Big J wants a pair, so perhaps in a year or so when she is a little older I will be picking out one for her. She will be getting the ones with two wheels which is more for beginners.  Maybe her and I will be tricking it out in our Heelys together! 

Where to purchase:
   - Heelys can be purchased online at the Heelys Shop or use the search feature to find a store near you that sells them.

More Information about Heelys:
 - Heelys Facebook Page
 - Follow on Twitter

I was sent a pair of heelys for review through Business2Blogger for review purposes. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. I so wanted to see a picture of you in these. I'm getting a pair soon too and can't wait to test them out.

  2. I wanted a picture too, sadly I had no one to take it since my hubs was out. I tried but I could not get a good one of me in them.