Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lucky or not?

So lately my luck seems to be in the good zone or so I thought. I have won a couple contests at my work and earned a bonus that even with the crazy bonus tax (which was on the gift cards I won too) was still really good. Yesterday I even won Rio on blue-ray and a book from Charlotte Parent Magazine. So I was thinking it was time to play the lottery... and then it all crashed.

So you may know that I just started a job about 70 days ago after being unemployed for 7 months and struggling to pay bills. Which means life is getting better and we are catching up on bills, etc and were actually going to be able to buy Christmas gifts for the J's without having to worry about how to pay bills.

Then as it sometimes does... life crashed around us. I shouldn't say that, I mean I still have my job and we are all healthy which is a great blessing. Yesterday while driving Little J to daycare the car died. Now I did look on the bright side that we were not driving down the highway or in the city and that I have a coworker I commute with that was able to drive me to work and Big J to school.  But today we find out it is going to cost $650 to fix, which I know it could be worse but that is every penny in my bank account and some that I do not have.

Did I mention that was our Christmas money? Now I do not need presents from my hubby... I can do without.. But I hate working so hard and not be able to get my daughters the gifts they want. I am not talking every gift they want because lets me honest Big J wants EVERYTHING! I just want them to have some great presents to open on Christmas morning from their hardworking Mommy and Daddy.

Alright pity party is over. Time to pick myself up and make it work like I do.

Here is a cute face to bring a smile to your face

My Little J - Looking like they woke her up from her nap to take the picture! She is one of the reasons why I smile and move on.

Wishing all my readers happy times and I hope that everything is looking bright for your holidays. Feeling down? Feel free to vent below and maybe together we can find some kind words or a good laugh to cheer us up. Or let me know what makes you smile and get up in the morning when life is getting a little rough.

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