Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oral B Stages Party (MommyParties)

Although both Big J & Little J were toothless at age 1 I still knew that tooth care was an important part of growing up and that even before that first tooth makes an appearance it is important to start brushing your baby's gums.  Of course I cannot sleep at night if I do not brush my teeth, nor can I go longer than an hour in the morning before I need to brush my teeth.  It seems that healthy teeth habits will not be difficult in our house because both the J's jump at the chance to brush their teeth. (and in Little J's case play in the sink.)

When MommyParties let us know that we had the opportunity to host a party sponsored by Oral B Stages, I knew that not only was I excited but Little J, Big J and their friends would be excited as well.

The Party Kit

For Guests: (Each child received one toothbrush based on age)
·         Oral-B stage 1 Winnie the Pooh toothbrush (ages 4-25 months)
·         Oral B stage 2 toothbrushes (ages 2-4 years)
·         Oral B stage 3 Disney Princess toothbrushes (ages 5-7)
·         Oral-B stages toothpaste in Bubble Gum and Fruit Burst with Disney characters on the tube (Cars, Toy Story, Disney Princesses)
·         Disney Lavender body wash
·         Oral B stages information packet and coupons for Oral B Stages products

Also included:
·         Balloons
·         Popcorn and containers
·         Winnie the Pooh DVD
·         Trivia Flash Cards

I loved that not only did the children get new toothbrushes and toothpaste but they and their parents also learned some fun facts about tooth care.
Did you know that one size fits all is not true when it comes to toothbrushes?. In fact, fifty years of expertise tells us that children have unique needs throughout every period of growth. And with that in mind, Oral-B specially designed their Stages® toothbrushes for each stage. Perhaps that's why they are the number one dentist-recommended toothbrush brand for kids.

My favorite part about Oral- B Stages toothbrushes and pastes would be that you can get them with your child's favorite characters which makes brushing time an easier task. Did I mention that that pastes come in bubble gum and fruit burst flavors? Need I say more?

 Spitting (which is so cute)

Getting ready for our friends and Winnie the Pooh!!

(We were provided with the items in the party kit to host a party and write a blog post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are mine and 100% honest. All images are the property of The Trials of Big J & Little J and not to be used without permission.)

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