Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Safe Travel Wishes for Me and The J's

I feel ill and really want to cry although I am trying to show a brave face, not to mention I am at the office and crying is not really seen as professional.

So we have been planning a trip to NH since October and my mom purchased us tickets. Us as in me, my husband and the two Js. Well last night my husband had a job interview (which is great because we have been without two incomes for more then 2 years) but now the second interview is Tuesday the 4th which means he cannot come with us. Don't get me wrong I am so excited for him about this job and let me tell you he better get it since he is missing our trip! Did I mention that I am turning 30 on the 6th which means we will not be together for my birthday!

Of course now I am worried because I have to travel with a crazy 4 year old and a crazy 10 month old with a layover in DC!!! Please let us arrive safely with no delays and especially no cancellations! (You know NH, snow and lots of it lately.)

I will try to keep you posted! We leave tomorrow afternoon so tonight will be lots of packing and planning, then a couple hours of work tomorrow.


  1. Good luck travelling with the kiddos! Sending some good travel and safe landing thoughts your way!

    And good luck to your husband; hope he blows them out of the water and gets the job!

    As for your big 3-0 birthday, I know how that is! I also spent mine without my husband (just the girls and I, home alone all week)....but I figured we could "celebrate" it on a different day and waited until he came home and went out for dinner and custard. Plus, I am (secretly) planning a trip for spring break in honor of my big 3-0 birthday! :) Gotta make it what you want it to be, when you are able to be together!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers for a safe and minimally frustrating trip. Hope you feel better? Safe travels home, too.

    Michael (