Saturday, January 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like coming home after a trip and there it feels even better when that trip was not great....ok not even a little but I am really not ready to get into all that yet.

The flight home was eventful, starting with an evacuation of the NH airport about 40 mins before our flight was supposed to leave. Thankfully the plane was late coming in and we made the flight. We (me and Big J and Little J) had about 10 mins to make our connection and actually arrived at the gate (which thankfully was just across the way from our arrival gate) when they were calling last boarding. This was at Reagan International in DC.  I was so scared that we would not make it home to daddy and Big J even cried when we had to leave the Manchester airport in NH. I promised her that we would see her father that day and thankfully everything worked out.

More to come later.... I am not sure yet how much more about the trip I will share but I am leaning towards full disclosure because I have reached a point where it needs to be done.

Oh and in case you missed it, I turned 30 last Thursday! Happy Birthday to me! I was working on a special post or 30 of them, but this past week has drained me mentally and physically and I just could not muster anything. Not to mention I hardly had access to a computer and I usually had someone hanging around. (Usually a J or two!)

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  1. So glad you are home safely! Hope you can purge all the negative out of you (writing or verbally venting usually does it for me, too) and then get on with officially starting your new year off great with your true loved ones!