Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Degree !

Even though I complete my Master's Degree in October it did not really hit home until today.

We just got back from the grocery store and there was the UPS man holding a white package from Kaplan University. It took me about 5 seconds before I realized it was this:

That is my name on a diploma for a Master of Business Administration!! All while having two children (one I gave birth too while attending classes) and working full time. I also lost my MIL during that time. I really do not care about anyone else, although my family is proud but I am so proud of myself. Besides my children this is the biggest accomplishment in my 30 years!!

What have you accomplished that you are so proud of? Let me know so I can give you the Kudos you deserve, because I feel you can never have enough!


  1. You should be so very proud; what an amazing accomplishment! It will be a story you will tell your girls, and hopefully it will inspire them tremendously so they will grow into brave women whom know they can accomplish anything because of the lessons their Mommy not only taught them, but leared herself! Way to go!

    So far my greatest accomplishment IS my girls....but I'm working on my own "story" to tell them someday, too! :)

  2. Thanks! They were a lot of the motivation that kept me going day after day!

    I know that whatever you accomplish your girls will be proud of you!

  3. That is WONDERFUL!!! So glad you accomplished that. My hubby is working on his, we're about 3 months out from finishing and I can sense the joy we WILL experience. Thanks for stopping in today and CONGRATULATIONS!!!