Monday, April 25, 2011

Little J's Nighttime Adventures

This is how my and my hubby feel right now, although he is sleeping and I am awake.
 Oh how I wish I could be doing this:

I secretly believe that Little J is tired too, she is much too whiny for my good lately. I am so not used to this, Big J thankfully was sleeping through the night at 6 months and was never really grumpy when she got teeth. Little J on the other hand cries a lot and wakes a lot at night, still at 14 months.

This was last night's adventure:

  • Put Little J down to bed at 7:30 pm
  • Here crying around 9:30 pm - Hubby goes to soothe her
  • More crying at 10:30 pm - I soothe this time
  • We head to bed shortly after 11:00 pm
A little information: Since we are both out of work and the nights can be so crazy we take turns. So last night my Hubby had night duty, meaning he had to get up with the kids when needed and I had morning  duty which means I am up with the girls this morning. 
  • Crying at 12:30 am - Hubby heads in to soothe again
  • Crying at 2:00 am - Hubby heads in again
  • Crying at 4:00 am - Same old same old
  • Big J then comes in at 4:30 saying she had a nightmare. Now if she actually is upset then we let her stay, however many times she just says that to get in our bed which is not big enough for three.  
  • Crying again at 5:00 am - I roll over but no hubby and yet crying continues.  I get up and find hubby in Big J's bed. Crying stops so I lay back down and crying starts again. I head off to make a bottle (yes she is still stuck on bottles, something else new to me) and the crying stops. I lay down again and the crying starts but I can hear Hubby heading in. 
  • I decide now is a good time to get Big J settled so Hubby can come back into our bed. Find out her nightmare was about being poked by a porcupine. Yup not sure where that came from.  Then she starts crying saying she misses us. (Mind you we are together all day long!) So I settle her down and tell her that we will not be sleeping in her room and no she cannot come into our room. 
  • I end up bringing the bottle into Little J and the hubby which of course means she wants me and I end up feeding her. 
  • Head back to bed and the snoring begins! Poor Hubby is on some medication that makes him sleep deep which means snoring. So I head to the couch. It is now about 6:30 am and I am praying to God that she sleeps until 8:00 am.
  • Little J cries out at about 7:45 am and I pray to God to give me some more sleep. Which works because she is not up until 8:45 am. 
So this has been going on for a long time now and I am not sure if the lack of sleep is because she is teething and if so will it end soon?????

I miss this (Little J)

 And this (Little J)

 Anyone else going through this lack of sleep drama? Any advice and does it ever end???


  1. Same story here! Both my girls are opposites when it comes to sleep, always have been: my oldest always went right down and only did an "average" amount of getting up when she was a baby (and still sleeps so well through the night and will even sleep in if possible) while my youngest is 3 1/2 and she is just now starting to sleep through the night most nights without nightmares, waking for no reason or just plain tossing and turning all night (and she's the early riser to boot)! I spent a lot of time wondering what the problem was, too, and honestly after almost 4 years of this now, I realize it's just her personality! She has so much energy, if I don't wear her out really, really good during the day, I can look forward to very little sleep...but...if I do my best to wear her down (even a good run around for about 30 minutes in the evening) she sleeps a little bit better. I think it's just something that some kids have to grow out of! Hopefully?!?! Good luck! I know I've been a zombie for the last few years, but it's slowly getting better...hang in there!

  2. We have serious sleep issues. I'm convinced I only sleep really well when on a work trip. On the 3rd night. Yep. Hotel sleep.

  3. These photos are so cute!!! My grand daughter fights sleep so bad.