Friday, April 15, 2011

My week and then some

So as you may know I have been out of work for 7 weeks now.  Wow it has been 7 weeks already? Where did the time go?

So my days have been filled with children, painting the house (we have been collecting paint, shelves, etc for awhile and now have the time to do it all) and searching for a job. The past couple weeks have actually been more focused on finding a job since I have a couple recruitment/temp agencies helping me. Which means interviews with them and so far one interview with a company. (This is actually my third interview since I lost my job).

I am exhausted though which is why I have not been posting lately. My husband is on a new medication and it makes him sleep so deep, which means he snores all night long! Great for him, not so great for me. Add in that Little J still gets up anywhere from 1-5 times a night and Mommy is not getting much sleep at all. Last night I was up until 2ish and then up at 7:15. Right now I am counting the minutes until hubby wakes up so I can crawl into bed again for a nap!

Stress is also a big factor, I am worried about money and how we are going to continue paying our bills. We were lucky that when my mom was here at the beginning of the month she gave us money for bills, bought the girls some clothes and me a suit. THANKS MOM!!! Thankfully we get food stamps and medicaid for the girls, however right now Little J's medicaid was cancelled and the case worker has a month to reinstate it. I so hate dealing with the case worker. I know that they are busy and have a lot of work for little pay but she never returns my calls and seems to have no concern for me or my family. Why be a social worker then???

Ok I am ending this post now since I am just babbling on, I really need some sleep!

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  1. I know all too well the worry of whether or not you will have money to pay the bills. After my husband was laid off (a few times), we had to let a house go into foreclosure (and we are still paying on it, as well as our new house) and a few other "unfortunate" circumstances, there was a four month period when we were at our lowest point and I had to call in to EVERY creditor and put off paying full amounts or anything at all. It took us 8 months after that to get caught back up and balanced. That was the hardest year ever for us financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. What we found out, though, was that all it took was a tiny bit of faith and letting go and we got through it stronger and more enlightened. One day at a time, let go of the worry and don't for one second, let it affect your marriage and children. I've learned a lot in the last 3 years and the recurring theme is that you will come through it, in one way or another, and all worry does is stress you out and let the situation/circumstance take your and your family's joy. Focus on what you can do, ONLY in the moment you can do it, and then let go of everything else. And I'll wish you every luck with the case worker: it's amazing how "busy" they get, everywhere in the country, to the point of ignoring clients! I have been waiting for four months to get ONE piece of paper sent to me so my daughter can have a needed surgery. I can't see her, I can't get hold of her, I've tried faxing results! Hope you get it figured out soon. Best wishes with everything!