Thursday, May 19, 2011

Please vote for Jillian!! (Big J)

Please vote for Jillian (Big J ) for Carolina Cutie!  I would really love for her to win and I think it would make her feel very special!!

Scroll to the bottom (after admiring the children of course) and vote for Jillian (#7) Please!!!


LIttle J is also in the running but they asked everyone to vote once and I thought it would mean more to Big J .  But for your viewing pleasure here is my Little J 



  1. I voted! I'm a real sucker for little girls with curly red hair :)

    I wanted a curly redhead baby, didn't get one :( we have Irish heritage so I knew it was possible. As luck would have it our oldest is engaged to a redheaded man. With his Irish/Indian genes and our Irish/Indian genes the possibility is even higher for redheaded grandbaby :)

    Don't get to down on yourself about the sleeping and the blogging. Sleep patterns are different for everyone. Some people only blog once or twice a week.