Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I LOVE my Job

Yes LOVE with all caps! It is wonderful and I am thankful everyday that life has turned out this way. I would like to thank my previous job for letting me go. Because while it was not good at the time and I was very sad and upset about it, this change has been the best thing for my family and I believe it will keep getting better and better.

So Thank You old bosses for treating me like garbage and kicking me to the curb! If it was not so socially unacceptable I would send you a card to show my appreciation. While you are missing my skills and talents my new bosses are loving me and my work.

Thank you New Job! For appreciating me and making me feel welcome. I love working for you and hope to do so for a long, long, long time.

Anyone else have a job that they love? Or perhaps something happened in your life that you thought was the end of the world that ended up being wonderful?


  1. Isnt it great when you feel at peace after a hard decision!

    Found you on the HumpDayHop and am now following on GFC and Facebook.

  2. It is amazing to be at peace about it! Returned the follow!