Monday, August 27, 2012

157 and losing

Yes that is right... I am now down to 157 and counting!! I have a had a couple bad weeks... especially lately with a lot of financial drama and stress in my life. However, I managed to get back on track and only had to re-lose 2 lbs. Plus I just bought some weights and started doing arm exercises and crunches while watching TV at night. Time to firm! 

Anyone else our there succeeding at losing weight or looking for encouragement? I know it is possible, you just have to take that first step and realize that no body is perfect. Look at me... today I had a mini twix.. it was fantastic... but I have learned I cannot eat it everyday. I do however give in now and then when I am craving and this has stopped me from binging.

So when I reach my goal... which I am thinking 135, but will really depend on how I feel I am going to get some nice new, hey I am hot, clothes. Perhaps some of the below.

What do you reward yourself with when you are losing weight?

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