Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creativity For Kids - Craft Kits for All Ages

Thanks to MommyParties and Faber-Catell's Little J and Big J were able to host a creative, crafting party with all their friends... ok all Big J's friends, but Little J still had a blast.

Our party kit included:
  • Accessories kits to make the following during the party
    • Fashion Headbands kit
    • Fashion Bracelets kit
    • Pop-Art Necklaces kit
    • Stuck on You Fashion Tote Bags (this was Little J's fav because it was so easy for her to do by herself)
  • Goodie Bags for each guest
    • Skrinky Dink Necklace Mini Kits
    • ARTivity book featuring fun with fashion
    • Online coupons for more kits
  • Special Hostess Gifts (Extras for Big J & Little J)
    • Fashion Headbands kit
    • Fashion Bracelets kit
    • Deluxe Glitter Art kit
    • Pop-Up Books kit
  • Of course they also included themed games and recipes for us to use, making it easy to host. 
Big J & Little J were dying for me to get home so that they could play with crafts, or more like Big J was and Little J just wanted to do whatever her sister did. I let them try the Deluxe Glitter Art Kit before the party.

 Glitter Art Kit (included three boxes, gift tags, stickers, glitter and glitter pens

Big J chose the heart and Little J went for the butterfly

 Big J concentrating 

  Little J's finished product

Below are the other kits that we recieved

This is Big J's purse, which they both carry around the house. 

My J's love crafting and I have slowly let them use the kits that were our hostess gifts so to keep the excitement going. Everyone at the party was thrilled with the crafts the day off and the Shrinky Dink kits to take home. That kit was particularly special to me because I grew up creating Shrinky Dinks! 

For more information on Creativity For Kids kits visit http://www.facebook.com/creativityforkids.

I received the craft kits from Mommy Parties and Faber-Castell for the purpose of throwing a home party and sharing the items. All opinions are mine and 100% honest. No other compensation was given.

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