Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Elf on the Shelf 2014

Big J & Little J have been a bit unruly the past few months so our Elf on The Shelf decided it would be a good idea to visit early. (Normally  he does not visit until after Thanksgiving)

He has been up to some crazy & funny things so far this year.

Day one he arrived and decide to hang from the pot rack

Day 2 - Big J had mentioned how funny it would be if the elf was trying to carve our pumpkin. Well "the Elf" did not want to make a pumpkin mess so he decided coloring on the pumpkin would be just as funny.

Day 3 - Big J plays the flute in band and we found this flute ornament for her music teacher. Our Elf decided he would give it a try. Elf approved!

Day 4 - I guess we were in need of some laughs so our Elf decided to bring us some Elf jokes.

Day 5 - He broke out the board games. a couple Barbies and dogs joined in for a lively game of Elf Twister!

Day 6 - ELF SCHOOL!  Elf was the teacher of course and was teaching some stuffed animals their ABCs and Numbers. There were worksheets and of course the animals had their pencils.

 Day 7 - After all the excitement over the last couple of days our Elf was tired so he went with the pretend to be a Christmas Tree approach.

Day 8 - Tonight he decided a photo session was in order. My Little Ponies came a long and posed behind the reindeer, penguin and snowman cutouts. Of course Elf had to have his camera and he even took a couple pictures. Just in case Big J and Little J think to look.

I wonder what our Elf will be up to next?

Some upcoming ideas: Hopscotch, Elf donuts and Coffee, Elf Naughty/Nice Reports, Elf Swing and much more!

Does your family have an Elf on the Shelf? What funny things has he or she done in the past? Any good ideas for this year? Share your photos, ideas and links in the comments!

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