Thursday, November 6, 2014

The "new" length of Giveaways

I have been pondering this for awhile now. I remember when I started blogging a couple years ago... ok like 4 years ago, when you entered a giveaway you had maybe 10 chances tops.. Now you have more then a 100. I know I do not have to enter them all, but I would like a fair chance at winning like everyone else.

Do you feel it is necesaary to have so many chances to enter? I get that there are many giveaways that have a lot of bloggers participating but still if you each choose one Social Media site instead of all then the entry form would be so much shorter.   It just seems out of control that in order to get all entries possible I have to comment on 10 blogs, like 20 on Facebook, Follow 30 on Pintrest and then like 40 on Twitter. Not to mention all the vote for me choices and comments that you are asked to make. Why not keep it simple? One comment and one Social Media per blog and throw in a couple votes.

Sigh.. Maybe I am just the minority in wanting things to be simple. or maybe that is why my blog does not have great traffic like some others.

So anyway.. does anyone want to enter a giveaway? Perhaps you would like a $25 credit for Thirty One?

If anyone is interested in earning more free products over the holidays, please let me know. 

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