Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preschool is Cool: Counting with Elmo DVD Review

Little J has just discovered Sesame Street and Elmo. Yes I know she is only 8 months, but Mommy needs a shower in the morning! Thankfully Big J is willing to watch it every now and then. So when I was offered the chance to review Preschool is Cool: Counting with Elmo I thought it would be a great addition to our DVD collection and the girls would love it.
Warner Home Video (WHV) and Sesame Workshop released the second DVD from Sesame Street’s new education series Preschool is Cool, Counting with Elmo finds Professor Grover as a preschool teacher and Elmo as his helper for today’s counting lesson. When silly Professor Grover (who better to add to Elmo for fun?) starts to have a little bit of trouble remembering what each number is, he needs Elmo and the class to give him a helping hand. Featuring counting themed stories like “Counting Booth” and “Abby’s Sparkle Speckle Freckles”, kids will have fun learning with Grover and Elmo and all their Sesame Street Fans.

I really loved “Abby’s Sparkle Speckle Freckles” probably because I have freckles but it was cute how they had to count her freckles but first they had to find the ones that were hiding and one almost got eaten by Cookie Monster!

Counting with Elmo supports early math skills such as number recognition, counting, and enumeration – all of which help lay the foundation for math readiness and future math learning. Kids see their favorite Sesame Street friends practice skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, which helps children understand the a purpose of counting is to determine the total number of things in an overall set.
I love the fact that it comes from Sesame Street which is the longest-running program in children’s television, so you know that it is good. Plus I grew up with Sesame Street so it is great to share it with Big J & Little J. Of course it also helps that my FAVORITE character is features…..

It also helps that both girls really loved the movie and I think we will be watching it many more times. That is ok with me because it is teaching them in a fun way.

About Sesame Workshop
Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization that revolutionized children’s television programming with the landmark Sesame Street. The Workshop produces local Sesame Street programs, seen in over 140 countries, and other acclaimed shows to help bridge the literacy gap including The Electric Company and Pinky Dinky Doo. Lean more at

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Counting with Elmo can be purchased at
Also look for the first movie in the series ABCs with Elmo

We received a copy of the Preschool is Cool: Counting with Elmo DVD for review purposes. All opinions our 100% honest and ours

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