Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I came on here to post some rants for things like:

  • I want a new job - I mean I do like my job but now that I have my Master's Degree I know that I can do and make so much more then where I am which leads me to point 2.
  • My husband needs a job - he had one and then they cancelled the project 2 days in so we are back to square one which means there is more pressure on me to get a better paying job.
  • There was a little girl in Little J's class that touched my heart the moment I met her. Baby A, she was bald and blue eyed like my girls were. Then I found out she was a foster child and I wanted to take her home so bad. Well after a few weeks of her greeting me with a smile and crawling over to me (she is about 10 months) she is now gone. :(  It is a happy sad moment because I was told she is in a much better foster home and had new clothes and more love from the younger couple. I also know that she has an older brother about 2 and a sister around 8. I will miss her though!!!
Ok well now that I got that out of my system I think I will share some J love!

Little J and Big J pretending to be cats. (Yes they are on the cat tree, although Daddy is near both of them)

This is Big J being goofy sticking her Starburst out of her mouth!


  1. See I feel better already looking at those cute faces.

  2. Cute pictures! Good luck job hunting for both of you!