Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Live Rocked!

Big J and I went to see Yo Gabba Gabba live on Sunday at Oven's Auditorium in Charlotte, NC.

The show was awesome and Mommy even got a work out with all the get up and dance, now sit down, now get up and dance. Of course I had to hold Big J the whole time because when standing she could not see and when sitting, well she had to be on my lap. Of course I did not mind. The only complaint was that it was very loud and the lights were very bright some time, but I guess that is what a live show is all about.

 The hug song

 Brobee flying during the Balloon Song

 Party in My Tummy (Great now I will be singing this all day long!)

 Biz's Beat of the Day. This is him on the screen but he actually did appear live. They made it seem like they were coming out of the TV.

I believe this is the Goodbye Song. The "screen" opens like the radio on the show and the characters go behind and then freeze just like the TV Show.

One very tired Big J on the way back. I am so glad we went to the 2pm show and not the 5pm show.

One of the great memories to add to Big J's life and I am so glad we were given the opportunity to go. Oven's Auditorium in Charlotte, NC!

Poor Daddy was stuck with a very angry Little J who was not happy that Mommy left her and took out Big J. She cried when I left and gave Daddy trouble the whole time. When we got home he was trying to feed her and she was screaming and wiggling. The moment I picked her up she was all smiles and laughs. Poor Daddy.

Big J and I received 2 tickets to Yo Gabba Gabba Live in exchange for a review and giveaway before attending the show. This post was my choice and all opinions are 100% honest and those of mine or Big J's.

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