Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bucket List Update

Awhile back I started my living, breathing bucket list and decided it was time for an update. 

1. Travel to every state in the US at least once in my life. I would love to stay in every state but will be happy with touching my feet on the ground of every state.

2. Take a cruise with my family, hopefully this one happens soon!

3. Have a honeymoon (without the kids).

4. Host my 1st giveaway on my blog  This has been done a couple times. 

5. Win a new blog makeover from Simply Stacie and Kelly's Lucky You Build a Beautiful Blog Week. Yes I won!!!

6. Have a career in marketing with a focus on social media.  - Working on this one. I am going to school for an Associates in Web Design and now that I am unemployed I can rethink my career. 
7. Get 200 followers on my blog. - Done now on to # 8

8. Get 500 followers on my blog.

9. Get 1000 followers on my blog.

10. See Cavalia again, loved it so much!!

11. Take my daughters horse back riding.

12. Own a dog, of course not until my daughters are older and can help.

13. Lose 40 lbs

14. Learn to cook at least enough to feed my family more then boxed items.

15. Finish both my daughter's baby books.

16.  Renew my vows with my husband at the local Renaissance festival.

17. Own a home with a backyard. 

18. Go to the circus.

19. Finally take the time to get both my daughters christened, yes I know one is 4 but all our family is out of state and we were really trying to get it done back in NH, but as you can see that has not happened.

20. Find the time to have a girl's night out without feeling guilty. - Girls night out, check. Guilt, still there. 

21. Find someone I trust to watch my children. - This one is sort of complete. I have people who I will leave Big J with but I am still not comfortable leaving Little J alone with anyone. Ok I know I am crazy I mean she is 13 months old now. I guess I also feel bad leaving two children with someone, especially because two of the people I trust already have two of their own children to watch. Anyway I am working on this one. 

22. Learn calming techniques so that I can reduce my stress level. 

23. Be able to live comfortably without having to worry about how I am going to pay my bills. I work so hard and still struggle everyday. 

24. Go camping with my girls, although this one I am willing to wait on until Little J is older. 

Please feel free to add you own and I will continue to add more and update. 


  1. I need to start a bucket list, too, and we have quite a few of the same things to cross off! I'll tell ya something that will make you feel totally awesome about yourself about your #21: my children are 7 and (almost) 4 years old and I have YET to leave them with anyone (besides their daddy)! You are NOT as crazy as me! ;)

  2. Oh, and I have a HUGE one on my list: go back to France! I went with my best friend when we were, like, 12 and I was just way too young to fully enjoy and appreciate it (though it totally made me fall in love with France and anything french). I want to save enough money to go back for at least a week during the year when I am 40, my oldest is 16 and my youngest is 13!

  3. ooohhh I like this idea!!!!
    As for your cooking one: try out Ina Gartner's "How Easy Is That"
    even the scary recipes have been surprisingly easy!!! I am planning to review it and share one of the recipes tomorrow on my blog..... feel free to check it out!

  4. #24 Camping? are you crazy? girls, no toilet, bugs? Yep, you are ready for the nut house in my opinion!
    Just kidding. Several of yours are on mine too.

  5. Jenn - Ha! I actually lived in a camp ground for a few months while I was in college. Of course there were no children then and we had a pop-up camper. But man the bugs and having to walk to the toilet and shower!

    We used to camp a lot when I was a kid so I am used to it and cannot wait to do it with my girls. Of course when they are older.