Saturday, March 26, 2011

Charter School Lottery

So last week (Tuesday) my hubby, Little J and I went to visit a charter school in our area that I really want Big J to attend when she starts Kindergarten in the fall. My husband did not understand what I was about until he went and listened to the Vice Principal and took the school tour.  His words to me after that were, "This is the school for Big J!"  So paperwork was filled out right there and we had to wait until Friday when they were going to do the lottery. See only 48 children would be accepted into the Kindergarten class, although I am not sure how many people applied to go but living in Charlotte I would assume that a lot did. Our tour had 6 families, 5 of which were looking for Kindergarten spots.

We were figuring if they did the lottery on Friday and then mailed out the letters on Monday we would have it Wednesday. So of course on Friday all we could think was that they are choosing the lottery today. Then all day Tuesday we were wishing it was Wednesday. Wednesday I counted the time until noon so I could check the mail.. heart beating and NOTHING! Thursday came and then noon and then NOTHING again! We were going crazy!! So Friday I took Big J for a walk to the playground at our apartment and stopped at the mailbox. There was one letter... from the Charter School. My heart started beating faster. I looked at it with trepidation and slowly opened the letter.

Dear Parent:

Thank you for applying to ***** Charter School for the 2011/2012 school year. Your child Big J is awarded a place in the K grade class.

At this point I start jumping up and down while Big J looks on like I am crazy!

We are so excited and I think having her go there will make her starting Kindergarten easier for me!!!

Anyone have any tips for getting through the first day and the first year? Also any great lunch tips would be appreciated! This school has no hot lunch so we have to send lunch everyday.

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  1. Congratulations! My sisters live in big cities and have their options of public, private and a bunch of Charter schools....and I am so jealous! We are stuck with one very small town public school (and now I may have to home school next year)! I know how excited and happy you must be!

    My advice: stay strong enough to not cry until you get out of the school and into your car! Be really excited and happy about it, like, "You are going to have so much FUN today!!!! Oh, look at that toy!!! This is such a cool class room!!!!" Show up early and play with toys and talk to the teacher and other parents/kids so Big J sees that you are comfortable and she then knows that SHE can be, too. If she gets upset (the first day or any day after) when you drop her off or when she comes home and tells you "____ happened today, Mommy!" just be really calm about it and reassure her. Don't show any worry. I honestly was a basketcase the first part of BOTH years my oldest was in pre school and Kindergarten! It gets better as each day goes by, but I defintely learned (the second year) that kids exaggerate EVERYTHING! Don't freak out about anything, pay attention to other kids, teachers, parents, etc. so you get a good feel of the environment.

    As far as lunches, we did cold lunch for a while so here is my advice on that: unless you REALLY know your kid is going to eat all the food groups, don't waste your money/time on making her lunch box a "balanced meal". They get far less time to eat at school and there are TONS of distractions (namely all their new little friends). EX: If you KNOW she will eat a yogurt, a couple slices of cheese, a little carton of milk and a granola bar....just give her that. Now, that is heavy on the dairy but what is the point in putting an apple, carrots and a peanut butter sandwich in there if she isn't going to eat it? (Or whatever, like all fruit or all veggies or all carbs.) She needs energy more than she needs "balanced" (and, hey, it's not like she's eating fatty or sugary food). You have breakfast, snack and dinner and then weekends to make up for the other stuff!

    Oh, and DON'T freak out over making sure she is "ready" for school. I spent the entire summer before my daughter started school working on things she was "supposed" to know for pre school (same applies for Kindergarten) and she was ahead! She relearned a lot at the very beginning of the year and then moved on to "new" learning after the first couple of months.

    Good luck! :)