Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I blame myself - 4 year old with attitude

Yes my feisty red-headed attitude has passed down to my beautiful Big J! Although I do not take all the blame for this one.  I mean look at this innocent face, she could never cause trouble right?


This week alone here is how Big J has chosen to spend her time:
  • Steals Little J's Paci
  • Shut Little J in the bathroom this morning
  • Snuck into the candy drawer in the morning while everyone else was sleeping and boy was she a terror on that day
    • I caught her with a lolly pop stick in her mouth. She then let me know she had no other candy, but she did have a bag of cookies. (one of those single serve deals) When I took it away she screamed like I had beat her. 
  • Told her teacher that she hates circle time
  • Told her teacher she did not care if she got in trouble
  • Pretends to hit me, her father and Little J 
  • Treating our new coach like her personal jungle gym even after being told repeatedly to stop. 
  • Talks back
  • Says no

But then she goes and does something sweet like says Mommy.. Your voice is beautiful. Or really funny like I can hear my heart beeping. 

She may have an attitude but Big J is mine!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, My! I've had a few of these moments! LOL

    I have found that my "temper tantrum" kiddos are not out growing this. They are 16 and 9!

    Personality, YAY!! boo!