Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch (iPad) Review

Is it a book? Is it a game? Now you do not have to choose with the new Nancy Drew app for iPad (also for iPhone and iPod Touch). This new Mobile Mysteries series of gamebooks melds the elements of a great mystery novel with the interactive experience of a video game. You’re no longer just reading a Nancy Drew mystery; you’re fully engaged and influencing how the mystery unfolds as you play the story.

The first thing I notice when I start to "read" the book is that like a game you are allowed multiple save sessions, basically 6 people can be reading it without losing their place. The book is 8 chapters and as you read you notice highlighted words which when you click on them do different things. Some make the sound of the word, some are collections you collect throughout the story and some are descriptions and facts about the word. 

Each chapter has 7 collectibles for you to find, which unlock mini word games. Once all the games in each chapter are completed you then unlock solutions. (I am not sure exactly what since I have not completed the mini games yet. Too into the story.) While reading the story you also encounter the chance to play mini games, such as horse racing (which is a word game) and searching for items.  

The story reads well and I love how you can choose at certain points what you want to do. You can skip over horse racing, you can choose to search or not to search for  items and many others. As all Nancy Drew books and games there are also some great characters. 

Although it is different from any other Nancy Drew book or game it stays true to the Nancy Drew legacy with a great story filled with adventure and mystery. I always said that I would have a hard time reading books on the iPad because I love the feel of a book, but if they give me the sense of a game at the same time then I am sold!

Stay tuned for my review on the iPhone version of Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch. 

I received the app for Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow ranch for both the iPad and iPhone for review purposes as part of the Her Interactive AmbassadHer (and Him) program. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest.

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