Monday, March 14, 2011

Nick Jr. Boost Review

Nick Jr. Boost is brought to you by the creators of Nick Jr., people who really know kids. Designed for preschoolers through first graders, Nick Jr. Boost is an educational service that provides the same high quality learning experience that children love and parents trust, with an extra bonus: it's totally personalized!
Guided by national standards in preschool education, Nick Jr. Boost makes the most of the time children spend playing online with a "connected learning" approach. We start with topics and tales that grab children's interest, mix in favorite characters then use these ingredients to present concepts and skills that help kids learn. Why is this approach so effective? Because combining play with learning encourages children to dig deeper and develop a richer understanding.
Big J has loved Nick Jr. since she was very little, you know back when it was called Noggin. She also loves to play on the computer and is on the Nick Jr. website a lot so I was very excited to try the Nick Jr. Boost program which is a pay service. This site has all the same great characters featured on Nick Jr, including the lovable Moose but is a personalized service. Big J kept calling it the Moose room game because it starts out in Moose's playroom. Children can then choose to play games, look at their awards or trade in the marbles they earned for virtual toys. When Big J would play she was always yelling at me to come and see what award or new toy she had earned this time. 
For parents there is a parent center that tracks each child'r progress. This includes the total time they have been playing, what % of time was spent on each subject (art, computer skills, literacy, math, science and spanish), recently played games, and do-together activities for the child and parent to do offline. 
I loved the fact that Big J was able to play games she loved but that I was able to see that she was learning in the process. My other favorite part was the awards because Big J loved being able to see that she was accomplishing something while having fun. 
Join Here
$9.95 a month
$6.95 a month (billed quarterly) with free DVD
$4.95 a month (billed annually) with free DVD

I received a three month free trial of Nick Jr. Boost in order to facilitate a review. All opinions are mine or Big J's and are 100% honest. 

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