Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does it Make me a Bad Person?

Since I lost my job and honestly sometimes before I get the feeling that I wish there was more in my life.

I miss having friends to go out with.
I miss having free time to do the things I enjoy.
I miss being free to do as I please, free of children, free of my husband (although I am not saying I would want them to be gone, I love them so much!)
I miss adult conversation, something that has gone missing since I lost my job.
I miss feeling useful to the world.

Now sadly I would love to stay home with my children, but I would love it if we were able to actually do things. I mean we have no money and only one car right now so we really do not do much or venture far. Although I am trying to get a Y membership to give us some more options on outings, especially when it rains. Which it is doing now and has been for a couple days.

I just get restless sometimes and want change and I am wondering if that is normal or if I am crazy? (Ok I know I am crazy but.... :) )

Just somethings that have been on my mind. Staying home with two kids and my husband is taking a lot longer to get used to then I thought it would. Although a lot of projects have been completed around the house.

Restlessness why will you not go away?


  1. You know, it's been my life's dream to be a wife and stay at home mom. Which is exactly what I am now. Yes I love it, and I love my family, but I think there will always be those moments when we will think back to the freedoms we used to have and wish for them once again. It doesn't mean we love our family any less. Not to mention, not sure where you love, but where I live we still have snow, and it's been hard to get outside and get some sun and fresh air which has personally made me feel restless! And by the way, whenever I think I might be crazy for wanting change or freedom, I remind myself that I'm still happy and not like those moms who up and abandon their kids so they can have their "own" life.
    Hope that helps a little!

  2. Hannah - It does help. Thanks. I do try to remember that I would never leave my children! We live in NC so it is warmer but the past week has been back to cold and rainy weather, yuck!

  3. I so wanted to bea a stay at home mom, have dinner ready for my hubby every night and then be happy with me and the kids at home! However, I became a single mom and have to work :(

    Oh, by the won that bag! Please email me at

  4. Congrats on the giveaway win!

    It is hard sometimes, I remember what it was like. I had my MIL tell us, we didn't get to do things, even a date night, b/c we have kids. Very controlling.

    My hubs and I got gma and gpa to watch the kids so we could go get groceries and a soft drink. I also joined a moms group that met weekly.

    Keep your chin up.

  5. Thanks everyone. I think what makes it harder is that we do not have family around to help out for breaks. I was thankful that my MIL was wonderful and she helped when she could but sadly we lost her to cancer almost 3 years ago.