Sunday, August 7, 2011

Attending MBA programs in Colorado, Worth it?

I received my MBA in October of 2010 after going online for two years in an accelerated program after great debate on whether it would be worth the time, money and effort.  I decided that it would help me in my career and would be worth struggling while working full time and raising a child. I even was pregnant and gave birth while attending classes online.  (I did take 6 weeks off)

That is the best thing about MBA classes now they are created for students who work and have families. Which means you have options to go online, nights, weekends or normal daytime hours. You even have the option to take accelerated classes, like some MBA programs in Colorado. I choose an accelerated online degree, which meant that classes were 6 weeks and professor’s expected 20 hours of work a week. This was a struggle because I worked full time and was raising first one child and then two children, but it was very rewarding when I got my diploma.

Thankfully I decided to get my MBA because 4 months after receiving my MBA I was laid off and found myself searching for a new job. While I have not have any luck yet, my MBA does get me noticed and I have had companies reach out to me because of it. The right job has not come along yet but I know that when it does my MBA will help me land it and advance in my career faster.

I am participating in a blogger campaign for a sponsor who represents mba programs Colorado and was compensated.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest. I did obtain my MBA in October but did not attended mba programs Colorado. 


  1. If you are on LinkedIn have you searched compatible companies? Who knows someone could be looking for you and you haven't found eachother yet :)

    God bless your search.


  2. Way to go. I can't imagine taking classes, working full time and being a parent of two all at one time. You are a strong mom and your success will pay off. Sorry you were laid off, but I bet something great is right around the corner.

    Following back, thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!