Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top 3 Thursday - Parenting Addition

This week’s Top 3 Thursday topic is one most of us can relate to: parenthood.

What are the top 3 things you’ve said as a parent that surprise you?

  1. Please try and use the bathroom, I don't care if you think it will not come out. Yes my almost 4 year old is way to busy to use the bathroom at home and therefore has many a accident. My husband is tired of washing pee clothes (yes you read that right, my husband does the laundry and cooking and cleaning.)

  2. Please stop sucking your sister's toes. Can you sat ewwww! Big J has a thing about sucking Little J's toes, probably because when I am holding her that is all she can reach. Now when Big J was little you could not leave a bare toe around because she would just start sucking it. So gross and so happy she grew out of that phase.

  3. I did not ask if you wanted to or the ever famous I want a million dollars but I do not get that. I am probably a bad mom for these two but it drives me crazy to hear the whining, but I don't want to or I want it. Which with a 4 year old is everything and all the time.

Your turn. Link up here. What are YOUR top 3?


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