Monday, July 12, 2010

Big J's 4th Birthday Party

First let me begin by saying, "I cannot believe my 1st born is 4 years old today!"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG J - Mommy loves you more then words can describe.

So this year we decided to host her party at Bounce U. Let me tell you it was so worth the money! I did not have to worry about anything, including the cake. We had two party hosts that help the kids climb, set up the room, serve food and drinks, help with the presents (even keeping track of who gave what) and clean up. Which means all I had to do was enjoy the party and take pictures. Although I did choose to make my own goody bags.
                   Little J was exhausted before it even began
                                     Big Sissy , wearing Big J's hat
               Waiting to watch the video on proper bouncing etiquette

                                      Little J and Grammy
                         Big J riding the Dozer in our Party Hat

                                  Me & My DH racing.

                                           Little J "Bouncing"

                                            Princess Cake
                                                Big J opening her presents
                                               Big J opening her presents
Big sissy
                                       My DH (Little Papi)

                                Mommy (Me) zooming down
    The long climb to the top (so much easier for the kids!)
                            Big J, enjoying the victory of climb!

Partying like you are 4 is hard work and yet very rewarding. I am not sure who had more fun the kids or the parents. ( I think it was pretty equal.) It was also the best work out ever!!

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  1. Oh, it looks like everybody had a lot of fun!

    All three of the kids have birthdays in August, so we are doing one big celebration!

  2. Neat party! New follower from FMBT!! Hope you'll stop by and return the favor :)

  3. Awesome! And thanks for linking up your giveaway! :) Have a great week!