Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Now on Facebook

I decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon and create a Facebook page for The Trials of Big J & Little J, so please take a minute to "like" us!

I received this book in the mail the other day: The updated and revised version of The I Hate to Cook Book.  This says everything about me because yes I hate to cook! Thankfully my husband loves to and does it all for us, however I have been feeling bad that I do not help, especially since he just started working after a year. My goal for this week, while on break from school, is to read this "cookbook" and choose three recipes to cook sometime this week or next week. My goal in the next 6 months is to start cooking two times a week to help my husband out, and I am talking real cooking not boxed food or breakfast items. Nothing against breakfast items, I believe breakfast for dinner is fantastic and should happen at least once a week, but I can already do that!

So lovely readers I am asking you to hold me accountable and check in to see if I am reading the book and what cooking I have done. Although I do promise that I will post the recipes here and let you know the outcome. Time permitting there will be pictures too!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for the Balloonatiks DVD a cartoon for kids featuring balloon heros, it is very funny! Giveaway ends midnight on July 12th in honor of Big J's 4th birthday! Sunday is Bounce University day for the big party! We are all so excited here, thankfully there is not much to do since they take care of most of it. Although that is my favorite part of her parties is the planning, decorating and creating. Oh well next year. I do get to make the favors/goody bags on Saturday so that will be fun.

So stay tuned for more fun to come!

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