Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tommee Tippee Summer Tour Review

Thanks to the Mom Bloggers Club and Tommee Tippee Little J, Big J and I got to review 3 Tommee Tippee
products. (Ok I just really like to say Tommee Tippee, I think it is a brilliant name for baby products!) This is to promote that as of January and April respectively, the Tommee Tippee products are now available in the United States at Babies "R" Us and Toys "R" Us stores.

We were sent the Nonslip Easy Mat, the Weaning Bowl with Spoon and the Spill Proof Water Bottle. The mat and bowl come in Pink, Blue, Green or Orange while the bottle comes in 7 different colors.

With two girls in the house there is nothing I hate worse (ok this is an exaggeration, there is probably things I hate more, but this is on the list) then feeding a child (or trying) and having the bowl get knocked over and food going everywhere. I mean my poor husband has to clean all that up! I think it is hard enough getting food in a wiggly infant, or even a toddler who is too busy to sit still to have to worry about how close the bowl is to the edge of the table. Don't get me started on the cup spillage in our house! This is why I wanted to try out the Tommee Tippee Explorer products.

Although Little J is still to small to feed herself her arms can flail around and knock over whatever is in its path. It was great to be able to concentrate more of feeding her without working about the food ending up in my lap. ( I know from experience and prune cereal is not a pretty site.) The bowl and mat held fast to the table and did not budge when Little J's hands smacked it. We even let Big J take a turn trying to knock it over, with no food in the bowl of course. (I did have to stop her after a bit because she was trying too hard to knock it over) It was also easy to remove the bowl when you were ready, by pulling the tab on the mat.

Big J was a little jealous that she did not have something so I let her try out the cup. This also worked because Little J is not using cups yet. If this cup could survive and not make a mess I knew it would be a keeper. My Big J is tough on cups, furniture, rugs, floors and more and is typically not allowed a cup without some sort of lid unless she is firmly seated at the table. Even then many times we end up with a beverage all over the place. We tried the cup with water at first and it worked great! Big J was able to drink out of it very easily and when tipped over or knocked off the table it did not spill!

Some information about the company:
Tommee Tippee®, from the UK-based Mayborn Group Limited, is the number-one brand of infant and
toddler feeding products in Great Britain. Since 1965, Tommee Tippee has earned a reputation for its
clever ideas, product quality and simply intuitive designs that promote natural development at every
age, stage and feeding need. Today, Tommee Tippee innovations provide comfort for babies and
peace of mind for parents in 45 countries around the world. It is estimated that Tommee Tippee sells one product every three seconds in the UK and that most households with a child under two own up to 15 Tommee Tippee products. That brand leadership was recognized this year when Tommee Tippee became the only children’s feeding brand to be voted a UK Superbrand in a nationwide poll of consumers, putting it on par with brands such as Microsoft®, Coca-Cola®, Nike®, Lego® and Google®

In a newly released study by Harris Interactive of more than 300 recent and expectant mothers across the

United States, Tommee Tippee explored the worries about being a mom and raising children that are keeping
moms up at night and found some common and not so common themes. Feeding is one of the biggest sources of mom-xiety, according to Tommee Tippee. While experts agree that breastfeeding is best, for many moms (about 20%), breastfeeding isn’t possible or practical because they can’t always be there to feed their baby. But breastfeeding isn’t the only cause for concern:
• Almost four in 10 moms (39%) are worried that introducing a bottle will cause their baby to reject breastfeeding;
• Forty-four percent (44%) of moms don’t quite know when to transition from bottle or breastfeeding to
drinking from a cup; and,
• When moms do transition from bottle or breastfeeding to a cup, 43% are confused about which type of sippy cup spout to use, and when.

In addition to the items I received for review the company also sells Bottles, Pacifiers, Spoons, Bibs, Other bowls and cups, and the list goes on.

Some information about the three products:

Nonslip Easy Mat
  • Non slip, easy grip mat
  • Sticks to all flat surfaces
  • Easy release tab
  • Use with explora® weaning bowls
  • Holds bowls and plates securely in place so less mess
  • Ideal for travel - just roll it up and off you go
  • BPA Free
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  Weaning Bowl with Spoon
  • 11floz/325ml
  • BPA free
  • Spill proof lids for less mess & less stress
  • Ergonomic shaped handle for easy grip
  • Stay clean cover for spoon - always keeps clean when on the go
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Use in conjunction with the magic mat
 Spill Proof Water Bottle
  • 1 x 12floz/ 355ml Cup
  • Unique Dura-spout for Kids on the Go
  • BPA Free
  • Truly non spill & leak proof
  • Larger Capacity Cup
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Unlike other valve systems their active sensor valve is designed by a physicist to be both so sensitive that liquid flows on demand, yet truly spill and leak proof

Want to purchase a Tommee Tippee item for your little one?
Tommee Tippee is now available at Babies "R" Us and Toys "R" Us stores or online at
(Until July 23rd, but any Tommee Tippee Explorer items and get the second 50% off)

For more information about Tommee Tippee please visit:
TommeeTippee on Twitter
TommeeTippee on Facebook

I received the three items free of charge from the Mom Bloggers Club and Tommee Tippie in order to facilitate my review. This did not sway my review and all opinions are 100% truthful and my own.

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