Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reclaiming the Ta-Tas, PB (and I do not mean Peanut Butter) and Life

Well that was annoying.... stupid mouse. I had a nice post going and with an accidental click of the side button on my mouse... Poof it is gone. So lets begin again.

Reclaiming the Ta-tas.
Officially as of Tuesday night I have reclaimed my breasts from Little J. In all actuality I reclaimed them from the breast pump since Little J had no desire once she met the bottle, which was at 6 weeks when I had to go back to work. I am a little sad about it, but I was actually much more upset when she decided breastfeeding was beneath her. Ok I am sure it is more bottles are so much easier for her to eat from, Lazy baby! I knew eventually I would stop and was aiming for 6 months but I feel proud that I made it to 5. For any mothers out there who ended up just pumping and not breastfeeding you know what I mean. I love the fact that I know have more time to be with the girls, of course I have to remind myself of that right now because it HURTS! I guess it is more like a dull pain unless I bump them and then watch out. If anyone has some great words of wisdom for getting through this without much pain, Please let me know!!

Yes I know we all are thinking, YUM Peanut Butter, but this is not even close. PB is the nickname we have for the ex-wife. No not my ex-wife, my husbands and the mother of Big Sissy (my 13 year old bonus daughter) When I first started dating my husband he told me she was crazy and angry. I just thought, sure everyone says that about their exs. I know my parents were divorced when I was 4 and I have stepparents. Then I was warned by his parents and even started witnessing some fights and yet I still shrugged it off. (Big Mistake, although I would have still married him anyway)

My first real understanding was shortly after we moved to Myrtle Beach (Pre Big J) and I answered the phone. PB spent an hour talking and talking about how she knew nothing about me and I could be an alcoholic, drug abusing, child abuser. (I put the phone on the desk and just let her go) I am sure there was more to the converstation (althought one sided) but I think I blocked it out. Anyway at the very end she tells me that she needs me to watch Big Sissy so that her and my husband can talk. I was thinking, WHAT? You pretty much just said I could be beating your child and doing drugs in front of her and yet you want me to be alone with her??????? That was truly an eye opener.

You think that was bad? Then there was the time we met at South of The Border (Yes the cheesy yet fun tourist trap) and we were an inch from each other screaming. All of a sudden something in me came back to reality and I turned, walked away and got in the car. The whole time Big Sissy was in my car waiting to come home with me. A little background, shortly after Big J was born we moved to Charlotte, NC and Big Sissy was still in Myrtle Beach. So every other weekend I would drive on Friday to meet them at SOTB. Which was a 3 1/2 hour drive for me (and usually Big J) and 1 1/2 for them.  I do not even remember what the fight was about that time, I do know that it got ugly. When I got in the car poor Big Sissy hugged me and said that is what my mom does to people.

So anyway the latest and greatest is that we saw Big Sissy for the first time in over a year for Jillian's Birthday.  (You might notice that it took me a few days to finish this post, life just got in the way) Only for a day, yes a 9 hour drive and it was for a day. (We did not have to drive my FIL arranged it so we could see her) Not only did that suck but poor Big Sissy ended up grounded for a week before she got there, meaning no phone, no laptop and no friends. Why you ask? Because she was at a friends house and her mom called the friend to tell Big Sissy that she would be there in 10 mins. Well Big Sissy figured her mom would call again when she got there ( Big Sissy's phone was broken), which she did but no one answered. So instead of getting off her butt and walking to the door she sat outside for 20 mins. Once Big Sissy got out there she was very angry and grounded her. Well the point of my story is that my husband called Big Sissy after she was here and left a message saying I know you are there since you are grounded. Her mother flipped out at her for telling us she was grounded. I mean what the??????

Another funny point PB's sister (Big Sissy's aunt) has actually sent not 1 but 2 friend requests on FB! (One after insulting him) Then when he blocked her she continues to post things about him on her page. When did Facebook become a place for people to be wimps and fight???

Enough already.... my next post will be happier.


  1. We have a PB in our life too...not only my husband's ex but my ex-husbands new wife too, so we are blessed with two of them! YAY! LOL
    So I feel your pain.

  2. Shelley, I'm jealous! I'm trying to wean my Small Fry from breastfeeding but he's really stubborn and won't give it up!