Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I know you are asking who or what is Foo Foo.

This is Foo Foo.

He was created at Build-A-Bear when Big J was only 8 months old. A present from Nana. We love Foo Foo. We sleep with Foo Foo every night. (By we I mean Big J) Foo Foo goes with us a lot and now he is missing!

Big J brought him to daycare yesterday but when I went to pick her and Little J up he was no where to be found. We searched and searched and nothing. We went home and I had to give her every other stuffed animal in the house including Little J's dog Fii Fii. Thankfully Little J is not attached yet. 

Daycare this morning and asked the morning teachers.... still nothing. No one seems to know where Foo Foo ran off to. I really hope that if another child "borrowed" him that the parents bring him back.

Build-A-Bear no longer has the Foo Foo edition so I cannot even get a new one for her.

Please send out good Foo Foo vibes!!


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    Melanie a/k/a Crazy Mom

  2. Good Luck. I sure hope a parent will find it. Can the school mention it in a email sent to parents?

  3. Oh no!!! Sending you good Foo Foo vibes!