Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I pulled a 50 ton Jet

So I work for United Way of Central Carolinas which is a nonprofit raising funds for health and human service agencies in a five county area. One of the companies that supports us is US Airways and one of the fundraisers they do is a jet pull. Teams from US Airways pay for a chance to pull the Jet and then the best time wins. They do this in Charlotte, Phoenix and Philly. It was so much fun even though our team came in last, but as our first year we did not do bad with 8.80 seconds.

Plus now I can say I pulled a Jet! How many people can say that???
 Another team getting ready to pull

 This is the plan we pulled, but no the Panthers do not fly in this one.

 Another team pulling the plane
Getting ready

Below is a link to some footage of teams pulling, including my team. (We are wearing the white UW shirts)

Raw Video: NC team hauls 100K pound jet 15 feet Eyewitness News 9

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