Friday, September 24, 2010

Little J's New Toy

We were looking for a fun exercise center for Little J because everything we had promoted sitting or laying and we wanted her to have a chance to stand. Nana came to the rescue and purchased her one.

 She looks so tiny!

 I think Big J was having more fun then Little J
 This is about where Little J had enough fun.
Toy or what is over there?
How can I make an escape?
Please help me Mommy
Big J was a little too excited and freaked out Little J

Little J is starting to enjoy it more each day but Big J still gets a little loud and crazy when Little J is in there causing Little J to cry and want out. Oh the love of sisters!


  1. We had to put a thick book under my daughter's feet when we got her an activity center like that. She was totally ready for it - just too short! She liked the things we hung above her more than the toys that came on it and of course got really interested in it when she was too big to go in it and we were just about to loan it to my cousin. Your kids are so cute!

  2. This is the exact scenario we went through with my two little girls, too! Just wait, Big J may even try to climb in it when no one is looking....

  3. I enjoy reading your blog and want to pass forward the Lovely Blog award to you. Please see my recent posting for details:

  4. My daughter had the blue/Sesame street version of this and loved it.