Thursday, September 23, 2010

Squinkies Review - Big J Loves Them!

Now you are probably asking, “What are squinkies?”

Squishy, squooshy, squashy and totally adorable, Squinkies is the eagerly awaited new mini doll and pet, accessory and playset line destined to be the hottest new must-have kids’ collectible toy sensation. Squinkies friend and pet dolls come encased in unique toy plastic bubbles.

Launched in July 2010 by Blip Toys, the initial release includes a collection of 96 micro dolls (series 1 – 6) packaged sixteen each in a selection of popularly themed blister card Squinkies Suprize Inside Bubble Packs. The collection’s initial three fun themes are Fantasy, Princess, and Birthday with many other additional themes and dolls to come!

With new collectible Squinkies dolls to be released on a regular basis, the line will feature hundreds of figures to collect, trade and share. As a result kids will enjoy the ability to enjoy endless hours of imaginative game play as they create their very own special Squinkies world.

They are just so adorable!

We recieved a pack of Squinkies for review and Big J was so excited. The funny part was that we had been purchasing something similiar in the quarter machines. However, Squinkies are much much better quality and I do not have to worry about Big J ruining them any time soon.  I have actually started looking for more in anticipation of Christmas coming soon.

In addition to the Suprize Inside Bubble Packs, the Squinkies line includes a variety of fun accessories and play coin dispenser playsets at a variety of price points that will accommodate any budget.  There’s always a surprise with Squinkies dispenser playsets as each playset is creatively themed with meticulous detail and come with plastic toy bubbles with Squinkies inside plus accessories to round out play!

As part of the dispenser play, toy coins are inserted into the playset slot allowing kids to twist the dial and dispense a Squinkie surprise!  Each playset dispenser is large enough to hold several Squinkies inside their plastic toy bubbles.  Squinkies figures, playsets and accessories are each sold separately.

There are even little playsets - great for those of us whos child likes to bring their toys everywhere they go!
You can even wear your Squinkies!

About Blip Toys:

Established in 2000 and headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Blip Toys is a fast-reacting, trend-driven toy manufacturer. The company is focused on developing innovative new products that appeal to both boys and girls. Blip Toys strives to produce high quality products at great values. Blip Toys current product line includes Whimzy Pets, Zubber, Hair Balls, Zoom-O, Friends Boutique and other popular toys for boys and girls. The company also produces Lego® branded children’s furniture and play mats under license from the Lego Group. Visit Blip Toys at

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  1. Thanks for the review! Every time my almost 3 yr old sees that commercial she begs me for them. She is hoping Santa brings them...we will see :)