Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little J's Wake Up Call

So have I told you the story of my two cats? No? Well let me tell you.

My husband and I adopted two cats about 2 years ago, one boy and one girl. Right when we were going to get them fixed my husband lost his job. I thought I had time, but at 7 months heat struck and low and behold we got 3 kittens. So here I was with 5 extra mouths to feed on top of Big J's. Well 5 cats is no fun because no one could use the litter box and we were going crazy. No matter what we tried they had minds of their own. So needless to say we decided to only keep one.  So we have Marble who is a little over 1 year old.

Fast forward to a month ago and I was dropping the girls off at daycare. I step out of the car and all I hear is this pitiful kitten cry. Running under the cars is this very wet, 6 month kitten. So being the sap that I am, after dropping the kids in their classes I proceed to try and catch the kitten. Just my luck I catch her. Now what? I had to go to work so I brought her home all wrapped up in a blanket and handed her to my husband. We were hoping someone would miss her, but she is still her and now is our Scampi.

Now you are asking what does this have to do with Little J waking up? I am getting there.

In the mornings I open Little J's bedroom door while I get ready so she can wake up slowly and when I went in to see if she was awake this is what I saw.
Little J & Scampi - Before I took the picture Scampi was cuddling Little J.

Then Scampi decided to get comfy - which did not last long because I do not want this to be a habit.

Little J is saying, "I was not done cuddling, come back here!"
 Big J was jealous and needed her picture taken - This is her angry face
 Happy Again


  1. Aww that is so sweet! and what a cute kitty. You should add her to your collection! She might turn out to be the most loveable one yet!

    btw thanks for the follow, i'm following you back.

  2. Kitty was just trying to help speed up the waking process ;) What a pretty cat, too!

    Love the angry and happy posing kid!

    Happy Tuesday!