Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little J's Teacher

I really, really, really, really and I would add more but I do not want to drive you all crazy, DISLIKE Little J's morning teacher. She is just so rude and well rude is the only word I can work with now.

Example 1 - Yesterday was the first day of the week, both girls had been out of daycare the week before (that is another story) so I was bringing in food for Little J, which was something new as well as her usual bottles. I walk in and put Little J in the bouncy as always and Big J is playing with all the babies. I put Little J's blanket in the crib and then walk over to the fridges which is where the teacher is filling out the morning forms. I take out the bottles and put them down. I then take out the food and tell her that I am starting to bring in different food since I do not know what they have. (I do not know if this is typical but my daycare now provides formula, rice cereal and some foods for infants) Nothing.....I wait and still nothing.... no response, no look, no nod, NADA!

Ok I think and go to the closet to drop of Little J's bag and remember there is a premade bottle in there because I tried to feed her before leaving but she did not want it. (This is typical) I bring the bottle back to the fridge, where the teacher is still standing, and tell her that I have a bottle here, which is only 2ozs that I tried to feed her at home and it was made 15 minutes before. (All VERY important information in my mind)  I then say I am leaving the bottle here and the last time she ate was 6:30 so she will probably want the bottle soon. I get a look and barely any eye contact..... maybe one eye.

The funny part is..... yes I found a funny part.... was that Big J is notorius for not listening and I always have to ask her to repeat what I said. I almost, out of habit said it to the teacher. Yes the person in charge of my baby girl reminds me of my 4 year old.  The problem is I love my daycare... I love all but two teachers and I really love the afternoon teachers in Little J's class.

Example 2 - I went in to drop Little J off one morning about a month ago and I noticed that a lot of the kids had moved up to the next classroom. There was only about 4 kids left in the infant room. I made a comment about how it must be hard to see the kids move up and that she must miss them. Her reply, "No they are all cry babies anyway and I hate cry babies. I am glad they moved up." Mind you Little J is also know as the cry baby of the class, she loves to have attention and why not when Big J will give it to her 24/7 and cries when someone is not close to her. So now I am thinking, great! You hate cry babies and my little girl is the cry baby of the class and I pay you to take care of her... WHY ARE YOU HERE???? Why oh why are you working at a daycare in the INFANT room???

On this occasion I stopped and talked to the director who said, "Not to make an excuse but ____ is having a rough time and some of the parents are giving her grief." Well DUH of course they are... she sucks! She has no respect for me, she never acknoledges me and I really do not care at this point if she is having a bad wee. If that is the "excuse" then she is having a bad year because she is always RUDE!

I just do not know what to do or how many more times I can complain without losing it. I know that Little J is well cared for, she is happy and loves going to school and all the other teachers loved and admire her. Sometimes though when I leave her there in the morning I am fuming all the way to work.

Anyone have any daycare horror or success stories?


  1. Well, I worked in child care for years and that is unacceptable. I am appalled that she called them crybabies and said she "hates" crybabies. Horrible! Keep complaining.

  2. Wow I can't believe that. Potato's teachers are more than happy to talk at any time. I am very involved so I don't give them a chance to ignore me. I think I would have lost my ever loving mind if I were put in that situation.

    Potato has not been in for a full year yet so we haven't had a serious problem....yet!

  3. I don’t have kids, so I have no experiences to share. However, it always amazes me how people choose a people profession, like teaching or child care, when they clearly do not like people they need to be working with.

  4. It just does not make sense to me why she would choose to be in this profession. It is not like the pay or benefits are good!

  5. I worked both at home and center daycare for 7 years before quiting to have my own children and I agree with the above comments: this is totally unacceptable behavior. I would continue to talk to the director, giving these examples and more as they come up (which you know they will). And, if you are brave enough, ask to have a sit down with this "teacher" and let her know how you feel. If it doesn't get better and the daycare refuses to address this, you have two choices: bite your tongue or find somewhere else. It's totally not fair, but that is how it works. (I actually quit the center I was at because of this kind of situation with another "teacher".)

  6. Wow. She shouldn't be in the daycare profession!