Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Computer Trouble

So even though I have an armoire which is supposed to hold my computer, it is not very practical. I love it but it has no place to sit and work on a computer. Anyway I keep my computer on my coffee table, although I used to keep it next to the couch but it was temperamental and kept complaining about overheating.

Give me a break computer you want to talk about overheating? It has been around 100 degrees and very humid lately, you get to stay in the AC!

Where was I? Oh yeah Big J. She was half walking half running in only the way a 4 year old can around the coffee table and happened to pull the cord out of my laptop. A couple hours later after getting everyone to bed I went to use my laptop to check my blog and facebook  do homework. Well 10 mins into my hard work it turns itself off. That is when I realize that the plug has come loose inside the laptop.

Now I am angry because I really need to do homework, which by the way is not finished and is due today! But to quote the pirates ARGH! I am too tired right now and it will have to wait until tomorrow. Thankfully I have a 91% so I will still be ok. Getting your Masters degree while working and having two children is just crazy.

So how am I typing this you ask? My wonderful husband took the computer apart and fixed it..... at least for now. I have to be very careful with it, at least until we get the "docking station" (not sure what it is really called) and new desk. Oh by the way the new desk is in honor of my husband's new job!!!! Yes a wish has come true (see my wish post for more details).

Man my brain is so fried lately I feel like I am all over the place. Sorry for the rambling.

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Thank you to all my followers for putting up with my crazyness! Love you all

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