Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lazy Mom Job

So the lovely people over at CSN stores is helping me be lazy for Father's day and help my daughter eat healthier! If you do not know about CSN they have 200 stores packed with items to choose from, anything from baby toys to sofas.

Thanks to them I get to review the Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender, something my husband has been asking for, hence the lazy father's day present. He (you notice I said he) will also learn to make wonderful, yummy smoothies for me and Big J! Of course I will have to try it myself for the review, but after that it is his. So if anyone has some great smoothie or other healthy recipies to share, please let me know.

Speaking of being a lazy mom... I have complete my first Lazy Mom Job set by Stacey over at I'm A Lazy Mom"

The job was to create a snack bin. This was even more lazy for me because we already had a snack drawer so I just had to up the snack supply and take pictures. I have to admit I did empty the drawer and dump out the crumbs... I know not very lazy mom like.  Below is my proof of my Lazy Mom Job. Please visit I'm A Lazy Mom" to see other Lazy Mom's or to complete the Lazy Mom Job yourself and enter to win the Gift Card!

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  1. My Previous comment must not have posted.... but good job! Can't wait to see who wins!